About Us

My true love of road tripping was ingrained deep within me when I was 18 and saw my first Grateful Dead shows.  It was nothing like I had ever experienced.  It changed everything about my life.  All these years later, hitting the road is something that fills my cup.  What started with Dead Tour a long time ago has morphed into tons of triathlon road trips over decade.  Whether seeing shows, racing, or just curiously poking around, being behind the wheel to the unknown with my doggie at my side is indescribably fantastic!  

Initially I had intended to do a travelling podcast.  I did a few episodes, but everything about my life changed in August of 2021 when the most pivotal person to my life tragically passed away.  


Michelle Ana Fabian rewired everything about my thinking, and rewrote everything about my life.  My life was permanently altered after her.  With her sudden passing, she shook up my world once again, and set me off on an epic journey to try to do triathlons/duathlons every possible weekend until 2030...despite all the pain in my body.  I will give every last bit of myself to honour her the way I feel she desrves.


This is quite simply anything I do surrounding my triathlon racing, and what I go through to do them.  Because of the pain in my body, and what I have to put myself through to race, the response can get quite overwhelming because many thousands of people have found it quite intriguing and inspiring.  As stated above, everything about triathlon has become for Michelle.



Sometimes I get the urge to write about Michelle...to her, for her, about her...and when i do, it will be linked into this category specifically for her.

My Body

On September 8, 1993, I got a cold.  By the end of the month it turned into the flu, and then come Christmas time I could barely stand up, walk, or move with excruciating pain throughout my entire body.  I was 19 turning 20.  In January 1994, I was told to get used to it because there was no cure, and I would be like that for the rest of my life.  

The story will come out over time, but I have three kinds of arthritis affecting my entire body.  Every single joint (even in my jaw and skull), all my tendons and ligaments, my lungs, liver, kidneys have all redefined what hurt and pain really is.  It doesn't stop there though because all my muscles feel ripped and torn, and it even hurts for clothes to touch my skin.  There isn't anything on my body that doesn't hurt inside and out...in ways you could never put words to.  But life goes on, and so must I!

My Grateful Dead Life

Whether old touring stories, or modern day random ones, the Grateful Dead world changed my life, and the stories within that can be found here.


For My Guest (Food Writing)

I am pretty random with the things I write about, and I fell into writing about food quite by accident.  The more I did it though, the more I got into it.  I had worked in hotels for almost a decade, and in the summer of 2020 I wrote a food guide for all of my guests as everyone who checked in always asked about good places to go for food.  It was so well received that I decided to add that element into the mix of what I am doing.  As I am on the road doing my podcasting and triathlons, I obviously have to eat, so I decided to write about meals from the perspective of how I would present it to my guests if they were checking into my hotel and asked me about a good place to go for food...hence the name, For My Guest.  I can be brutally honest when writing about food as it is something we put into our bodies, and I don't feel it right to say something is good that is not when it can literally make you sick when gone wrong.  Conversely, if it is awesome, I will say as much.

Ball Courts & Waves

I've had virtually everything I love taken from me because of the pain in my body.  Shootin' baskets is one of the only things I have left.  (and triathlon)  I sniff out courts everywhere we go so I can toss some buckets and my Fennario can wander around doing Fennario things.

Surfing is the true love of my life that I never have gotten to pursue.  It tortures me every single day, so, regardless of not being able to do it, I will still seek out waves to watch and write about what it fills me with when I sit and gaze in awe.

Raw & Random Writing

I often don't even read what I write.  I'm too worn out to go through it, so I just write and post...throwing grammar and editing right out the window as an after thought.  I don't have the energy to go backwards in life.  I have my hands full enough with right now, so write, post, and move on, is often something I will do.  I also write quite random things too as they pop into mind, so this is where those'll go.




I like seeing shows, and sometimes I will write about them.  


This can be a town, a region, a park, a business, or the like.  


Sometimes I'll write about someone I know, or someone I meet.