2019 Summer Road Trip - June 30 - Crossing the Border into Washington...

Our first stop was about five minutes south of the USA/Canadian Nellway border. The border agents liked my doggie. Even though they searched me, it didn't take long and off we went.

I wanted to stop to get the proper tape selected to blare now that we were in the states. I also wanted to let Fennario out to go to the washroom and have a drink as it was a scorching day, so with the border behind us, I was looking for the first place to pull over.

There was a big pull-off shoulder kinda thing on our side of the road with a nice lookout that quickly popped up, so that was the place. The signage said it was the south along the North Pend Oreille Scenic Byway.

In a way, it very much reminded me of my place I lived in deep in the bush, especially the first weeks that I lived there when I first moved to the West Kootenay area in the southern interior of BC in May of 1999.

There was a certain kind of bird calling that I used to always hear when I would go to the meadow to read, or just sit and watch the mountains be mountains. I never did find out what kind of bird it was, but its call is very distinct, and it always reminds me of the days living deep in the bush. It has a very nostalgic call for me because of that time.

The bird's songs were accented by all sorts of bees buzzing around the speckled white landscape that dropped down into the gully. There were a seemingly infinite amount of daisies littered all over the hill. It had to be bee heaven on earth. It was so great hearing the little fellas doing their thing with all the flowers. I have had a fascination with bees since I was about four years old, so I was quite happy watching and listening to them go about their day. Buzzzzzzz...

There was a gentle breeze that kept dancing along, and whispering kindness in the sky, while brushing its summer love against my face on the backdrop of the heat of the sun. Even though we were only five minutes into our journey, it was a really great time to stop.

Before we took off, I reached into my bag of tapes, and pulled out 11-14-73 set 1. Maaan, what a grab! That used to be the a tape that I would play on the Saturday night before every time I would leave to go see some Grateful Dead. It was a ritual, and it meant great things ahead, so it was the perfect blind grab to pull out of my bag of tapes to stick in the deck. My kinda start to a road trip!

Goin' down the road feelin' kind...

It is several hours later now. I am not too much further down the road though. I didn't sleep at all last night, nor did I even sit down, because I was getting ready to leave for my trip. It didn't take me long to get the road stares, so I pulled over for siestas as needed.

(I had a real close call with a head-on collision with a transport truck many years ago back in the thick of my triathlon days, so I don't mess around with that anymore. As soon as the road stares come, I immediately start looking for a place to pull over.)

It's now the golden hour of the day. There's something intrinsically magikal when the sun is going down, but still illuminating the world with its warm love. I seem to be captivated by that, and that's just fine.

We were passing by this little lake called, Davis Lake. The sun was sinking behind it, and was lookin' quite beautiful, so I had to take a quick stop. I wanted to let Fenarrio out too, and also fill up her bucket of water so she is always good to go.

The water was super still, and calm as a mirror-like glass, only to be interrupted by the gentle ripples from a jumping fish, or the contact little birds make when swooping down for a little water bug dinner.

Even being on the side of the road, I am filled with a peaceful serenity that I quite like. A little more gazing, and then it's on our way with a full tank of gas and some miles to put behind us in the night time drive.

Time to beat it on down the line...

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