#3 - Singer Island Duathlon, Palm Beach County, FL (March 20, 2022)...

I haven't really written anything about this, but I did make my first video during it. A friend gave me a little cube GoPro camera, so I decided to try and film while I competed in this duathlon. It was hilariously brutal. At times I was filming inside my pocket as I turned the camera on when I thought I was turning it off. Sometimes I was pointing it towards the ground, and obviously shaky when running, but I salvaged what I could to make my first video like this.

My first race video I've ever made...

I liked that the pre-race package pick-up was at Bikes Palm Beach in Juno Beach. That's just down the road from where I have been. Bikes Palm Beach is where I took my bike in for some lovin' after my pedal broke off during the duathlon in Ft. Lauderdale a couple weeks earlier. They're a super great crew of people, and my adopted home bike shop...whether they realize it or not. What can I say, I'm loyal to good service!!

Facecrack post...

"Best race number I've ever had... Michael Jordan and Kareem Abdul Jabbar!! Times the 2 by the 33 and you get Mario Lemieuix. Hot damn!! I'm a simple fellow."

I did my usual thing, and had barely any sleep. realistically I got about an hour and a half total of broken up siesta time. I'd love to think that one day that might change, but I know I'm delusional in such a notion. In the 19 years that I have been doing triathlons, the most sleep I have gotten pre-race has been a broken up four hours, but typically I average around two, but never all in a row. Sleep is not something I am good at, but I don't let something silly like that get in the way of a good ol' fashioned throwdown out on the field of battle. Adrenaline seems to be good enough for me to charge my way through.

We found ourselves some Grateful Dead at the gas station when we went to fuel up in Jupiter before we strolled the bit further down the coast to the race site.

Other than the volunteers, we were the first ones there. I was only going to do the duathlon to give my lungs another week break after their shutdown in Homestead-Miami. My stomach was a bit queasy, but other than that (and the exhaustion) I was ready to roll.

Pre-Race tiny video journal...


Transition Area Triathlon Doggie...

Fennario all nested up to sleep while I go out and knock off another race...

I still had pretty beat up feet from the double set of blisters from racing and working out in the gym, but that's really just a non-issue. Adrenaline is an amazing thing for me. It plows me through most anything.

The duathlon field was pretty small, as most were there for the triathlon. I started at the back, and I stayed at the back...by a long shot!

Surprise, surprise!!

It only took the first steps for the pain to rivet through my ankles and knees, travel up my spine, and come to rest in my neck and skull. It's brutal, and it really hurts, but it's just the way this shit rolls. If I'm gonna race, I'm gonna get the crap kicked outta me, so just suck it up, deal with it, and whup gawd damned ass!

The first leg of the run was really a really short out and back. No big deal...despite the beat down on my body. Because of that though, the transition area was not empty when I got back in because of the back of the pack triathlon athletes still in, and coming out of, the water. That saved me from my usual ghost town T-1 time in the transition area. That is odd to me. I'm just so used to being so last place, that when I am not, it kinda throws me off...like the world is outta balance type thing. (Giggle.)

I was excited to get on my bike, as I had not ridden it yet since the kind folk at Bikes Palm Beach got it all sorted for me. (Remember, I missed the swim cut-off by a minute or two the previous weekend at The Miami Clash, so I couldn't go out on the bike, but could do the run.) Just as I had looked forward to, my bike ran smooooth...and guess what??

No pedal breaking off!!


Go Bikes Palm Beach Go!!

I tried standing up to ride a bit at times. I wanted to dig in, but my heart rate and lungs immediately did the same thing as they did in the water in Homestead...put the kibosh on that notion! The part of the bike where that would have really helped would have been on the bridge we had to cross nearing the end of the ride. It had its little elevation climb, and I definitely felt it. I tried to stand again, but my stupid body stayed engrossed in mutiny.

"Freakin' traitorous bastid!"

Almost immediately after I was off the bike and out on the run course, I pulled my right calf muscle. That was a tad unexpected. I am used to pulling my quads on my bike, but never really calf injuries on the run. Oh well, injuries like that aren't real injuries to me, just noticeable inconveniences that don't really matter. I almost like the typical sport injuries. They just make me see that I am doing what I am...triathlons and duathlons. sport injuries to me are a joke. I deal with actual pain that is so far beyond all that kind of stuff. They just become a point of fun to grab my attention away from the real pain in my body. My favourite are muscle spasms. Hot damn, I love those. They are like built in massagers for my muscles. I don't understand why people take issue with those, or you see $12 million a year athletes sitting out because of them. That just doesn't make any sense to me.

"We're talking free massages here...not the end of the world!" (Giggle.)

The run was hot and sloppy for me, and of course, painful, but it was fun. I slugged 'er out. I got lots of comments again from athletes, fans, and even people in their vehicles on the bridge. Just like always, I simply say...

"Thank you."

I got to see my number one fan again, who was all in for me at Ft. Lauderdale. His wife was racing again, and he was on the sidelines with their baby in a stroller cheering on with the ultimate voice that carries like you don't even know. I still don't know his name, but coincidentally, they were parked right by me again, so I was able to get a proper photo with him this time. I was really happy to see him again.

My man, maaaan!!

It was funny, at least to me, when I crossed the finish line when one of the race officials came to get my timing chip off my ankle and said that I couldn't believe that I did the whole race in flip flops. (You can hear him at the end of the video I made, that is posted at the top here.)

"Yup, that's me...flip flop guy!"

Needless to say, Fennario was super psyched for me to come back to the van post-race...

She celebrates in all my finishes. This was my favourite medallion so far as well...

When we were packing up, a really nice guy from Philly, who works as a golf caddy down here, loved Fennario, and so we got to talking. His name is Glenn. Super nice guy! He ended up taking us out for breakfast and ice cream, and then a big fat half and half orange juice - ginger ale combo. I like those. I don't drink beers. They let Fennario on the patios and in the stores.

Go Singer Island Go!

Glenn from Philly...

After we took off, it was siesta time in the park...

The duathlon on Singer Island was a good time.


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