A Custom Board & Amazing People (Pt. 2)

Updated: Jul 21, 2021

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With the seed of an idea planted, it only grew from there. Aside from going to beaches for waves, and finding ball courts to shoot on, now with this custom board, I wanna take it to skate parks all over to let people ride it. I think that would be fun as hell.

The idea didn't stop there though...

I started drifting in thought about what to do with the board when I am done. I mean, I'm way too messed up to even think about riding it, so I didn't know what to do. Once that question was planted though, it didn't take long for the answer to hit me...

"Indra!!! Yeaaah, maaan..Indraaa!!"

In 2019, Kelly drove from BC to Pennsylvania to bring Indra to world famous, Woodward...

My good friend, Kelly, has a 12 year old son named, Indra. He lives and freakin' breathes skateboarding. It's an easy call to say that it is Indra's deep rooted passion. That's a no-brainer!

So, if I'm getting this board to take around to all these skate parks to let people ride while I write about it for fun, I thought to myself, why not rock this kid's freakin' world as well?! I could do that by really doing nothing at all on my end.

I decided that I wanna give Indra this board after I take it on this crazy-ass journey. When the next lightbulb went off with that idea, and Daniel being into building it for me, the next obvious thought slapped me in the face...

Let Indra come with me to pick it up, and test it out on Daniel's private skate park.!!

"Maaan, he'll lose his shit over that! Yeaaah, maaan, dig it!!"

The idea didn't stop there though, because when I give Indra this board after my trip, I'll need to get another board for when I take off again, so why not bring him with me to help design it. That'd be fun as shit...and then when I pick it up, he can private test that one too.

"Maaan, that sounds like an awesome idea!"

When the little vision kinda filled itself out in my head, I got pretty psyched. Some would say...

"Super gawd damned psyched!!"

I stepped back to look at the complete thought in terms of how it applies to this kid...

I surprise him by taking him to this place to meet an ex-pro skateboarder, who has a professionally built private skate park, and tell him about this custom board that I got made to take on this trip, and then give it to him when I come back...but that he gets to first take it for a test run on the private park...and then help design future boards I get to bring with me to skate parks on future trips.

When I kinda stood back and added all the pieces up, it made me realize that I'm probably gonna blow this kid's world away...and that's pretty smokin'!

I know that Kelly had her mind blown when I told her about my elaborate scheme for Indra that just kinda appeared in my head. In November, I drove a friend to Daniel's for some wood slabs for an artsy project she was doing for another friend's awesome restaurant in Nelson, rel-ish Bistro. I brought my camera to take some photos so I could send them to Kelly when I got home. That just amped up the whole thing for her. I swore her to secrecy though because it will work so much better as a surprise for Indra.

I can't be certain, but I'm pretty sure it's not always been easy for Kelly to keep the secret because it's so bad-ass! She's done it though.

Go Kelly Go!!

Now, we have Jackie...

I have only recently met Jackie. I'm cutting out the story here, but I spontaneously called the high school in Nelson on the day before Christmas holidays in December. I had a camera to donate to the photography department so a low income kid could have a camera who might not otherwise get the opportunity to learn photography.

I talked with the photography teacher on the phone, and then went to meet her at the school the next day to give her the camera. Jackie was that person. We talked for a few moments, and then I took off. I shot her a follow-up email the next day or somethin', and shortly after became friends on facecrack.

It turns out that Jackie is bad-ass as all fuck!

I know I'm tryin' to reel in the cursing, but sometimes it's just the right way to roll, because if you see how she rolls, it makes perfect sense.

When you start peelin' back the layers, more and more awesome keeps seeping out. It's actually pretty excellent to watch.

Jackie diggin' it...

Jackie is a photography teacher at the school, but then through the winter, you start seeing all these photos from chargin' up at the ski hill. She does shoots up there. She charges on a mountain bike, but she's also in a Beatles band. Next thing I know, Jackie posts this awesome cover of their tune, "I'm Looking Through You." It's so gawd damned good, I downloaded a copy from the link she posted, and I've listened to the shit outta that thing in no time.

Jackie's one of those people who just gets awesomer and awesomer the more you learn about her. Did I mention she teaches kids how to skateboard up at the skate park. Yeah, she does that too. Oh right, she also teaches kids how to play instruments.

Seriously?! What the fuck?!

"Maaaan...shit, maaan!"

As soon as I learned the teaching skateboarding thing, that was it, I had to bring Jackie to Daniel's with me, and get her to help design the first board for Indra...that I was gonna take all over the place.

I knew for sure that she would love that, so I had to rope her in, but not tell her anything of the what, where, or why of it all.

I had to finesse my way into asking her to go somewhere without telling her where with someone she doesn't know. (I pulled that shit off like a champ though!)

I was a prick about it too...on purpose...because I had unwavering faith in the end result. I wouldn't tell her anything, but I repeatedly dropped unsolvable hints, and kept telling her about it. We finally set a date when I was ready to do it, and then that had to be pushed back, so I dug into her more. It hit a point where she mentioned the word, "anxiety," in the days leading up to it.

I kept her smoothed over with the right messaging. I said something along the lines that what we were goin' to do would speak to who she is. Through all of that, aside from observing the bad-assery, it turns out that she's also cool as all hell.

Jackie is a fantastically amazing human. The more you learn about her, the more that notion gets solidified, so she was absolutely the perfect person to bring into the fold on all of this.

So, now, I find myself with this quickly escalating ultra excitement because I know that she's gonna have her mind blown, and so is Indra, and I get to do that by really doing nothing, just bringing them along for my fun lil' skate park project that I was doin' anyway.

A Custom Board & Amazing People (Pt. 3)

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