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A Custom Board & Amazing People (Pt. 3)

Updated: Jul 21

(Click for Part 1 and Part 2)

After the earlier cancellation, the day finally came to go to Daniel's. I went into town to pick her up. I even timed the nature of the conversation so that I had all the details laid out and Jackie completely filled in right as we were rollin' up to his place.

Freakin' nailed it too!

Daniel was psyched 'cause he's only made about 25 boards, but they are always through online, so it was an excellent bit of fun to do it in person. He's also into my whole little vision with the board too. I told him about Jackie ahead of time, but that I was surprising her too...and that I was giving the two of them full creative control.

He was great too. As soon as we walked up, and I introduced them, with a smile on his face, he looked at me and said...

"Does she know??"

She sure did, and they got into it right away.

So, this is where we enter Jackie into the picture...

With a freshly blown mind, before we even got started, Daniel took us on a tour of his park. It was great. She didn't expect that.

Mission accomplished!!

When the tour was over, and it was board making time, Jackie wasn't shy about it for a second. The two of them got straight at it, and I loved watching it play out. I was very consciously enjoying it.

I just kinda watched them go. I whipped out my camera that I don't know how to use, and just started clickin', but mostly watching.

So, I'm standin' there totally gruuuvin' on the moment, in full, full appreciation of where I'm standing...with these two amazing people, in this amazing place, and then all of a sudden, The Beatles start singin' outta Jackie's butt!

I'm consciously thinking that I can't even believe where I'm at. I'm fully invested into that thought, and all the way consumed by it...

...and then The Beatles start singin' outta her butt!!

I'm like...

"Wow, maaaan...this chick's way more Beatles than I realized. Shit maaan, that's bad ass!!"

It was gawd damned fantastic!!

OK, so let's back 'er up a bit for a lil' context here...

Jackie's pocket computer fancy phone thing was in her back pocket, and her phone bell thing is a Beatles tune...

...and maaaaan, she's got the volume on that thing freakin' jacked!!!

Beatles butt...

So, right when I'm in that moment, in full appreciation of where I'm at, and also once again realizing of how much I fluke my way into being in these kinds of moments with these kinds of people throughout my life, someone calls her, and then a Beatles tune comes flyin' outta her butt...

Full. Freakin'. Charge!!

...and then the harp-y music with the shining light above comes down again in my head, and I fill up with this awesome vibration. Literally tingling.

In my head...

"How fuckin' cool is that?! I'm standing in one of the most beautiful places in the world, with these two freakin' incredible people, designing a custom skateboard to take all over Canada and the USA to let people ride in skate parks just for fun, and then give to this kid at the end of the journey. What the hell did I do to deserve to be in this moment?!"

This is the shit that makes pain melt away. The pain is there, but it gets transcended. It's the same when I race...the pain is overwhelming, but it becomes transcended...and then I become one with the moment, rather than one within my body. Other stuff happens...

It's crazy what pure kindness can instill within, and make one capable of doing...seeing, thinking...everything! It makes me really glad that I have long had the ability to be able to recognize these moments when I am within them.

So many people look to mythical figures and people for inspiration in life, but I seem to constantly find it in the people right in front of me.

Needless to say, the whole experience blew my own mind in a way that was kind of surprising, because I was doing this with them purely for the fun of it. The way my whole trip has been unfolding in front of me though, it seems par for the course...unexpected awesomeness at every turn.

Some pretty kind people right there...

A Custom Board & Amazing People (Pt. 4)

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