A Custom Board & Amazing People (Pt. 4)

Updated: Jul 21, 2021

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After we left Daniel's, I was kinda saying that it's been nuts how everything has been falling together far better than I could ever have imagined; and being aware of that from simple observation, I haven't worried about any of it because it just keeps workin' out.

Right on cue, as I'm saying that, we round the corner in the road, and Kelly was just driving up to the mail boxes on the side of the road, on the backside of the bend.

I slowed down, and pulled over. As I was doing so, I had my arm out the window, and I started waving her over. Kelly had no idea who it was, so she kind of approached on a wide arc, until she saw it was me, and then giggled...

"Oh, it's you!"

By the way, Kelly is freakin' awesome! I love her. She is so great!

Kelly with her Kitchen Witch business at the Nelson Market Fest in July, 2019...

Anyhow, I excitedly introduced Jackie and Kelly, and immediately told Kelly that this is who I told her about, the one who is gonna come help me design the board for Indra...and that we were literally coming from his house from just having done that right in that moment.

Kelly took a step back, and let out little gasp because she almost started to cry, and was fighting back the urge to do so.

I sure didn't expect that, but if anything's gotta be an indication of things that are right, and good, that's gotta be one of 'em. I just blew Jackie's mind, after driving her into mild anxiety, and now Kelly was almost in tears. That definitely far surpassed what my little brain envisioned.

Creatin' magik by really doin' nothing but having fun is the awesomest thing. I freakin' love when that happens. I seem to stumble into that a lot. It trips me out, but it's awesome.

Just like when The Beatles flew outta Jackie's butt, while standing there in Daniel's shop, when Kelly almost started to cry, it was another one of those moments where full appreciation just came rushing over and flooded within me.

"Ridin' the magik, maaan...Ridin' the magik!!"

Kelly is also a Beatles superfreak, so that made Jackie even more of the ultra perfect person. It was great layered on top of great.

Here I am sittin' between these two amazing humans, drifting away on that wave of, "'I can't even believe my good fortunes' kind of bliss," again.

It really is impressive the amount of beautiful people I have aloofly stumbled into along my path of life. It blows my mind constantly. I'm just glad that I'm aware of it, so I can nourish the emotion it all conjures within.

When we said our good-byes, and I started driving away, Jackie immediately took note of how that just happened (Kelly being right there on the side of the road) right after I had mentioned how everything just keeps working out, and the timing has just been nuts.

Proof in action...

After that, we went back to my place so Jackie could pick some of my Saskatoon berries, and poke into some photography lessons.

Jackie has actually become a very integral part of everything I'm trying tto do with this epic years long journey of triathlons and podcast stuff. There's three people that this wouldn't be happening without, and Jackie just fell into being one of them because of what she's teaching me with my gear. Every single time I hold my camera, I think of her because of the way I can attach people to things the same as with songs and moments. (I still do that with my Lynn, who taught me stuff on my first camera.)

The fact that Jackie's such a genuinely amazing human is for sure an added bonus...

An ultra super-charged bonus, more like it!

...and, maaan, ultra super-charged amazing is what all the great things in life are made of, or possibly, more correctly, how all great things are functionally defined.

...I kinda just got lost, wandering in the moment in my mind from writing this just now. When I snapped outta it, I let out an unintentional sigh.

I mean, who wouldda thought the simple notion of a skateboard could generate that kind of transcending emotion, wash away decades of pain, and create happiness for several people...

It's kind of a strange thing to me that even though I haven't been able to really ride a skateboard in almost 30 years, which breaks my heart a lil' bit more every day, that I still would fluke my way into finding, creating, and rippling magik to others through one of them.

Life is truly fascinating!


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