When Happiness For Others Takes Hold: "The Jay Zee Band" in Salmo, BC...

Updated: Jul 29, 2021

In getting a few more lessons with Jackie, and the time involved in doing them, we've been learning little pieces about each other...little bits at a time. Within those little pieces lie the riddle of whether she is more fascinating, or just cool as all hell. It didn't take long to have that one bounce around in a bit of a debate in my head, but I couldn't figure it out, so I'm goin' with both.

One of those little pieces that I have learned though, which is a massive one in this moment of time for her, is that Jackie is in a new band, and they were about to play their first shows on July 23 & 24. (This past weekend) Shows'r my kinda thing, so I was all over that...and whenever she talked about her gigs coming up, I had this internal sense in my mind of,

"Go on."

...but, maybe more properly...

"Gooo oooonnn..."

Keep it comin', maaan, 'cause the more she talked about it, the more exciting it became. As time drew closer to the shows, you could see it taking over her time...and her mind.

The lil' evolutional process was so kind to watch. I was excited for her nervousness because that just said it was becoming more real, that she cared, and that she was jumping into the fire to go for it. I love those kinds of people. They're my favourite!

"Yaaay Jackieee!"

On the night before the Salmo gig, I went to her place to borrow one of her lenses to use on my camera at her shows. She said it would be better for that kind of lighting.

In talking with her while I was there, I even started feeling a sense of anticipation myself for her because I enjoyed the butterflies I knew she had, but more than anything, I both appreciated and respected the amount of time, care and energy she was putting into it all. Jackie was exhausted in her pursuit to be the best she can be.

"Let's just turn up the respect button a few more notches here...1-2-3-4...that should do it..."

Leaving her house, I had a mix of things going on. I was really psyched for her to play her first show, but I had also found myself now swimming deep in the pool of pressure. This was because my photography teacher just lent me her personal lens to take photos of her at her band's first ever show, which was the first live show she has ever played, and then on top of that, I know how much she had been putting into it. The levity of that felt like this weight just pushed down on me when my first foot touched down on the first step of her staircase. I was totally tripped out by the time I got to the bottom of her stairs. By the time I got to my van, I looked at Fennario, and said...

"Fennario, we're fucked! Shit maaan, what'd we get ourselves into this time?!"

More than anything, was knowing that there were gonna be Beatles tunes, and that was a critically important thing in context to her being a Beatles nut. The smile she gave after I saw The Beatles come full tilt flyin' outta her butt at Daniel's said everything you need to know about what that band means to her, and with me being the way I am with The Grateful Dead, I get it. I'm a psychotic nut for those guys, and so it was kinda captured in that moment of a simple smile that told me what she feels with The Beatles, so I couldn't mess up. It meant a lot to try to get it right because it was a big moment for her, and all I felt was that I couldn't screw it up.

It felt similar to the Kung Fu students from ancient times, who were die hard loyal to their Sifu, and only ever wanted to do right by him. I felt the same kind of thing. I didn't want to let her down, and so I put myself under heavy pressure because of it. Pressure makes diamonds though, so I was gonna give it a shot.

On the day of her first show in Salmo (BC), I had to spontaneously go to Kelowna, which is several hours away. There was no way I was missing Jackie's first ever show though.

Not a gawd damned chance!!

This clip of Casey Jones is specifically here for the moment at 1:31 where you literally see a person get infused with pure, genuine happiness in what they are doing. If you think I was gonna miss that, you're completely outta your mind. That is what it's all about...

She's helped me so much already, and it meant a lot to me to support her in this. I had to make that work, no matter what, so I had to enact my superpowers to pull off epic shit again. The lucky thing for me though, is that the Okanagan grind is all too familiar...almost comforting.

The Okanagan grind has been the nucleus of my triathlon life, where I drive overnight, pulling up to a triathlon somewhere early in the morning, and then immediately unload my gear and get ready to race on no sleep.

"Time to crush down another one..."

Then I pack up and drive home - siesta-ing along the way in whatever I'm drivin'. I am 'one' with the hard way. I don't think too much about it, just throw myself into it. Jackie's show was no different. I put myself under harsher terms to pull it off, but I got there in time, and I couldn't be happier about it.

The Jay Zee Band was playing at The Erie Creek Brewery in Salmo. It's a new joint that's only a year old, or so. Nice, neat, and tight. Sweet little spot! I don't drink beers though, so I ordered two orange juices, and a pepperoni stick for Fennario. I took that out to the van, threw it in through the window, and went back inside to take the closest seat to the stage. At that point, I couldn't wait!

"Anticipation overload...engage!"

When they came on and started to play, there were so many layers involved in what I was seeing, but nothing surpassed seeing Jackie play Beatles tunes. The second one they played was Jackie singing all lead vocals on, "I saw Her Standing There." Watching her in that moment, singing her first Beatles tune at her first show, was a deeply gratifying thing. I was basking in the pure enjoyment of simply being happy for her.

I Saw Her Standing There...

(The bass was a challenge in this video. I went low, he went low. I went high, he went high, so I had to get up and move.)

She was Fantastic!

Similar to when I saw Paul and Ty play at the bottom of Baker Street after my first lesson with Jackie on July 9th, I got filled with a lot of happy emotion that was laced in overwhelm when I saw her up there.

There's nothing like seeing good kind people ride their passion...it's just so damned invigorating. Question for anyone who might read this...

"Do you ever get a sense of overwhelm wash over you just from watching someone else immersed in their bliss?"

The human spectrum is so fascinating!

Jackie having fun...

The timing on colliding with Jackie has been quite serendipitous for what I have been working on for myself for so long, and through so many devastating hurdles. It's coming into fruition now, which is both surreal, and also kind of unbelievable to myself after everything I have gone through, and put into trying to do this. Now, with how my vision has evolved with passing time, and the nature of what it has turned into, not only has she been a total life saver for the functional aspect of my gear, Jackie has infused optimism in my capabilities within it. She just levelled me with optimistic possibility, and in the moment of sitting there seeing her sing, "I saw her standing there," I realized I was caught in the tight grip of inspiration from someone I have come to immediately gain a massive amount of respect for...the kind that just jolts you right through.

I was sitting there basking in happy. It was another one of those lucid moments where you see the beautiful potential of the human spirit just blossom right front of you. I never would have thought that a simple little camera kick-down would lead me here.

"Score one for hope, humanity, kindness and possibility..."

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