A Look Into Infinity - The Perfect Image For Where I'm At...

Updated: Aug 31, 2021

(This is also the image I used for the background on my page for Michelle.)

A few days ago I saw that Jackie was selling some of her photography that she had printed on canvass. One in particular jumped right out and busted me in the face...

"Lookkit this. You need this!"

It's the starry sky at night looming large beyond the dark trees that line the mountain ridge. I don't know how to say other than that it screamed at me. I've had that image burned in my head for at least the past few years now when swimming the west arm over night during the meteor shower first came into mind.

It's literally what I see, just sprinkle in a shooting star, and I've looked at that image thousands of times in my head. I couldn't believe it when I saw her post that, and was totally psyched that I messaged in time to get it.

I've been staring at this photo constantly since I put it on my wall after I picked it up from her yesterday. It's been shifting my mind even further into the depths. Now I'm dying with anticipation to get out under the night, but I still have to wait two more days. There's a stirring excitement consuming my insides. The image irresistibly draws me in, and then pulls me inside to live within it...carrying me away.

Every-so-often I snap out of the dream, and then see the photo for what it is. I see her talent. Almost immediately, when I picked it up and saw it for the first time, I told Jackie how great it was, and that it makes me want to aspire to be able to do something even close to that some day. That was my very first instinctive impression. Sitting with it, and staring at it constantly for a day, all that has magnified so much more.

"Maaan, she is one talented human..."

I'll drift into that realm while looking at the photo as well, appreciating her talent, but then it carries me back away to seeing that image of the stars from out in the abyss of the cool black water in the dark of night.

To me it's the perfect representation of where I look to find the visions to step into the void and overcome the possibility of my impossible dreams.

It's like looking into infinity that is reflected in the soul of my potential.

I can't look at it enough.


Jackie Zelt Photography on Instagram

She is also in a couple different local bands as well that are really worth checking out. Here are Jackie's next few upcoming shows.

The Jay Zee Band (Classic Rock covers)

September 3 at The Royal in Nelson, BC

The Metre Maids (An all women's Beatles cover band)

August 20 at The Royal in Nelson, BC

August 27 at The Erie Creek Brewing Company in Salmo, BC

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