Best Movie Theatre Ever - The Grand 16 In Lafayette, Louisiana (Feb 20, 2022)

After we left Texas, we were in Lafayette, Louisiana at about 6:30pm, so I decided that it was time to go see a movie...haven't done that since the middle of Washington State.

I pulled off the first exit off the interstate, and took a look to see where any theatres were. As luck would have it, we were pretty close to The Grand 16. We got there just in time for the 7:00pm showing of, "Uncharted."

No masks required. No stupid passport required. Just regular life again. 'Magine that?!

It was expensive, but I was soon to find out why. I joked with boys at the counter for popcorn when talking the difference between Canadian large vs American large serving sizes.

"I'm not fallin' for that again!"

It came to over $30USD for the movie, popcorn and soda. Sheesh!!

When I walked into the theatre though...


Just like shootin' ball, I've seen movies all over the place, and nothing has ever even dreamed as coming close to how nice this one was in Theatre P.

This thing had leather-y recliner type seats! They were sick! Holy smokes! The screen wasn't IMAX size, but not far off, and the sound was insane.


It made the movie that much more enjoyable.

If you're a movie person, and you're anywhere near Lafayette, Louisiana, you gotta go check out theatre P at The Grand 16!

The Grand 16

3141 Johnston St

Lafayette, LA, USA




After the movie was over, we gassed up, then got some food. Once we did that, we found the nearest rest area that was about 20 miles outta town. That's where we had my first ever sketchy moment travelling the USA throughout my life. Some trucker rolled up on me and intensely accused me of following him and stalking him. It didn't matter what I said, and how nice I was about it, he was hell bent on the fact that I was stalking him. The guy was straight-up crazy...padded room and straight jacket crazy as far as I was concerned. Definitely left a bad taste in the mouth kinda thing.

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