Camera Donation to the Kids

I saw that my good friend Paul had listed his camera for sale on a Buy & Sell page. I messaged him about it, and then spontaneously bought it from him. I think that was sometime in October.

I never used the camera though. The most I did with it was flip open the lid to the case once, look at the camera from above, and zipped it back up. That was that! I didn't even touch it.

I had to scramble to pull off the first two episodes of my podcast for the election at the end of the third week of October. When I did that, I found out that my two 1080p HD cameras did not record a crisp picture. I was pretty upset about that, but no time to waste, and time to move on, so I ordered a couple new cameras. One of them was a new Canon.

In upgrading my gear, the camera I had gotten from Paul became instantly useless to me. I already had my camera I use all the time, and now my new upgraded one, so the camera from Paul just sat in a room doin' nothing. The only time I finally touched it was to take some photos to sell it. I didn't really want to sell the camera though, I wanted to do something good with it instead.

A couple days before their Christmas break, I was at work and doing something kind of rudimentary when I had the thought to phone the high school to see if they had a photography course/department.

I spoke with the photography teacher, Jackie (Zelt), and told her I had a camera I would like to donate to the course for kids to use who otherwise wouldn't have the opportunity to do so. When I was on the phone with her, it made me remember when I enrolled in a photography course when I was in high school, but I immediately had to transfer out of because I didn't have a camera.

(I had just thought the school would supply them like they do with all the tools in shop class, or automotive class, or phys-ed, etc. No dice though!)

Having that thought unexpectedly seep into my mind made me remember that feeling of being bummed out for having to transfer out of the class. So, maybe this camera that I had spontaneously bought from my friend could prevent that kind of disappointment for some kids at our high school here in Nelson, and instead let them walk through the door of opportunity to try their hand at photography.

I met with Jackie the following day, which was the last day before their Christmas holiday break. We talked briefly. Turns out that she's actually awesome...a seriously bad-ass human! Those kids are lucky to have her for a teacher.

It all kinda happened faster than I had really thought about it, but what came out of it was that they were happy, I was happy, and everybody was stylin'!

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