Christine Sinclair - Olympic Gold...

This makes me so happy. Who else remembers when Christine Sinclair got her face smashed in, and they had to grab her by her shirt and arm to hold her back from going back in the game with a broken nose and blood running down her face?! Got a mask made for the next game, took another point blank shot to the face and still stayed in the game. In a game where cheating and diving is the norm, she showed the world in an instant how bad-ass our girls roll. She plays with honour, and is tougher than any man in the world's game.


I've admired her so much. For a long time, I've barely been able to say her name, or see her on TV, without getting emotionally choked up. Christine Sinclair is a tremendous human being, a role model for all, and of course, the greatest woman's footy player of all time!

Such a well deserved gold after a long grinding career!

Go Christine Go!!

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