Christmas Dinner To-Go from Finley's Bar & Grill

It's pretty rare that I ever get a proper Turkey dinner. I've only had about five in the past 15+ years. I'm either working, or on my own when that kind of thing is happening. I am working every day through the Christmas holidays this year, so, no dice again. I was still jonzin', especially after getting shut down at Thanksgiving again this year. I saw that Finley's was doing a two day, pre-order Christmas dinner to-go thing, so I got in on that. It was pretty yummy. There was a dinner roll that came with it that is missing in the photo here because I was working from 7am til 11pm, and hadn't eaten all day, so I was starving by the time I had the chance to go pick mine up. They prepare all the meals and had them in the fridge, so it was cold and needing to be reheated when I brought it back to my work. I wasn't aware of that, and was lucky I had access to an oven to be able to heat it up. I was so hungry while it was heating up though, that I couldn't wait, and just dipped the roll in the cold gravy to shove in my face quite quickly. (I heated up the gravy when the rest of the food was ready.)

Taking a turkey dinner to go will never be the same as sitting down at a table with kind people, but it was a nice option to have available to someone like me who rarely ever seems to be able to get in on one of these proper meals. I was happy Finley's threw down like this. I shoveled it in pretty fast, and yes, I did share some turkey with my Fennario. (How could I not?! She's my girl, and I love her!)

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