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Emergency Body Rehab - February 15 (6th Full Day of Program)

I've been building a program for myself that gets a lil' more intricate each day. I've already really overhauled my intake of food/drink and sleep. My insides are cleaning out fast. Saturday (Feb 13th) was an 'on purpose test day' challenge for my food intake to see exactly where my stomach and palate were at. I was gonna do this in two ways, a light healthy meal, and a shitty something meal later on.

I met a friend for an early lunch on our chosen and given brithdays. (Her 'actual', and my 'chosen.') I had a little light sushi bowl with the ingredients of wild smoked salmon, house-made candied teriyaki tofu, toasted nori, seasonal greens, avocado, grated carrots, cucumber, sesame seeds, green onions, house-made wasabi lime dressing and warm quinoa.

(Side note... It's the first time I have really ever enjoyed wasabi anything. I liked the way they made that work in the vehicle of the dressing to deliver the flavour profile it did. It wasn't overbearing, but still doin' its job nicely.)

Although rice is virtually a passion for me, I am a sucker for quinoa. I grabbed this post on facecrack years ago. So good! (**Shelby...I know you like this. Tee-Hee!)

That sushi bowl revealed right away the nature of how my stomach is shrinking, or at least, vastly redefining what it can tolerate in terms of volume food volume. The thing wasn't that big, but I couldn't finish it. I can't stand not finishing food, but I was so overfull that I couldn't shove anymore in my face, no matter how hard I tried. The worst part is that I let the food I couldn't finish go to waste and get tossed out. That was a bummer. I hate that. I looked at it (and rationalized it) functionally though...

I compared the amount of food left in the bottom of my bowl against the footprint of the to-go container I would have had to get for it to take home. There wasn't enough food left to validate requiring a new container. I didn't see the balance in creating garbage for such a small amount of food to be put into a container that I would just get rid of later in the day. It didn't make sense, so I did what I hate by letting the last bit of food get thrown out.

"Yup. That was a bummer!"

The flip side though, is that I did see that big change in my stomach, so I was happy about that.

After our lunch, I went to town to get supplies for the first time. I very rarely do shopping trips since these new COVID restrictions were put in place in the back end of November. (That's a whole other conversation.) Because I go to town so little, and also need to now focus on this program I have been building for myself, goin' to town is not gonna be my thing. I'm staying away as much as possible, and I knew that, so I was gonna stock up on as much as possible while I was there doing chores.

My final test on my stomach was when I picked up some A&W on my way home from town.

This coupon book had just come in the mail, which kinda painted a target on itself as the choice for my 'on purpose test.'

(There is an immediate backstory for A&W, and the amount I ate from there when these new COVID restrictions were put into place - also a story for a different time.)

This was a very calculated decision, and the real test I was hoping for. This was gonna show me the real truth of any progress, or lack thereof for what my body was doing.

Despite it leaving me feeling real shitty, the test was very successful, and exactly what I wanted. It was such an overload on the senses, and ended up feeling like salty greased up rocks sitting in the bottom of my belly. If the weight bearing down on my stomach wasn't enough, I could feel the sludge clinging to my cells. (Greasy fat!) It was exactly contrary to something like a nutrient packed smoothie. A smoothie feels like I'm drinking down liquid vibrancy that my body fully embraces whereas A&W is the complete opposite. Once past my palate, it feels like real shitty boulders falling uncontrollably down a hill, causing havoc and chaos with everything they touch inside of me. My body wanted no part of it, but had no choice in having to deal with it somehow for this self induced test of mine.

My body was quite upset by this experiment, and that made me happy! It gave immediate results of rejection from a fundamental place within my body. I really didn't enjoy the process though...which was the entire point of it all.

Doing that kind of test tricks my brain-wiring. (Metaphorically?!)

Having that negative onslaught onto my senses, causing such a shocking reaction, pushes all of that feeling of shittiness into my instinctual subconscious. In doing so, it kills the root of temptation. The best part is that it reduces the need for my own discipline because internally I have turned that rejection in my body into instinct. As soon as I do a test like that, the desire toward cravings gets removed so that they no longer even make it to my brain to be presented as a choice. That is kick ass!!

(I figured out that trick of how to fool my subconscious into needing less self discipline a long time ago. In essence, it makes difficult much easier. This is all attributed to my way of trying to find efficiency in everything I do, right down to the most trivial of tasks and movements. I'm too beat up to waste energy, and in ways I've found instances to rig the game in my favour, and save that energy for something else I need it for.)

Moving on from that...

I feel like I have to put an actual number on the daily amount of jars of water I drink. Adding in the juice days and then my 1.5 teas every day, it all amounts to a lotta drinkin'. That gets tiring, but flushing myself out is a good thing.

I think I have come up with how to calculate the amount of water intake I do. I think I'm gonna drink water in equal amounts to anything else I intake. It starts me immediately at two jars per day, and then goes up from there.

Matching my water consumption to each other thing I consume will look something like this...

1 jar of Tea = 1 jar of Water

1 serving of Vega = 1 jar of Water

1 glass of Juice = 1 jar of Water

1 Meal = 1 jar of Water

I'm not sure if that is a feasible idea, but this whole program I am building is so much trial and error. I'm not traditionally too good with schedules, but I'll give 'er a shot and see how it goes.

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