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Emergency Body Rehab - Intro

Photo with permission from The Nelson Daily

A couple weeks ago, I informed my boss that I was going to take the month of March off from work, with a follow-up message that went into some brief detail as to why, which was that it was concerning my health. I was gonna take the time to pour into my body, and try to reverse some of what was going on.

In the evening of Monday, February 8, I sent a message to my doctor about coming in for an initial assessment before I got to some hard work on my body. (You know, under supervision of a physician.) In the message I sent, I included some of the things I had been experiencing so that she would have an idea of what the reason was for why I wanted to come in to see her.

When I woke up just before noon on the following day, I had a message waiting for me in my email from my doctor saying I had to immediately go to the ER at the hospital, so, I went there in the afternoon. I was there for nearly four hours of testing and monitoring. They didn't need to keep me over night or anything, but I do have to go back for more testing in a couple weeks, with some blood-work in between, and maybe a CT Scan as well.

I wrote this as the message I would send to the handful of people who I had told about it after I had gotten home from the hospital...


I'm just writing this once and sending it to several of you.

I got home just a bit ago. Was in the ER something like 3 1/2 - 4 hours. Did X-ray, Ultrasound, took some blood, did an EKG, and had me hooked up to whatever heart/pulse readin' machine.

Not keeping me overnight, but I do have to go back for a CT scan, more blood-work, and do some physical testing. (On a treadmill with stuff hooked up to me, etc.)

I think I then have to follow up with my doctor and possibly another hospital trip. I saw one of my friends there who was an old neighbour of mine...she's one of the nurses. Turns out that my blood takin' nurse and I have a bunch of mutual friends, and we discovered that by me finding a way to turn the conversation into one about the Grateful Dead from our birthdays.

(Side note in my head... "Siiigh...you gotta love those boys, bringing people together the way they do.")

So now I'm just chillin', and stickin' to the plan...doin' like a training camp at home for 6-8 weeks. Sleeping and exercising around the clock. Do a four day cycle of...

Day 1: Light eating. One meal of rice and steamed vegetables with fresh squeezed lemon juice and then some fruit and nuts as snacks.

Day 2: Just juice and water

Day 3: Light eating (same as first day)

Day 4: Just water


I'll be doing nutritional supplementation as well, and look into doing a liver cleanse.

I'm gonna flush myself out, give my digestive tract a break and then start rebuilding with onslaught of nutrient bombarding.

I can't do long exercise sessions 'cause I'm too messed up for that, so I'm just doin' tons of short spurts...at least in the beginning, with the ultimate goal of less sessions for longer durations.

I'll go back to do this other testing whenever it's all set up, and from there, I'm just pouring energy into my body and ignoring everything else for the time being til I get it back on track.

So, all good. More to do with tests, otherwise start givin' 'er...which I already have.


I haven't had time to post any of this yet because I have been so busy with everything. Building the program has taken a lot of time between figuring it out, getting the supplies I need, and then of course, the exercise/bodywork itself. I didn't write anything til the end of the first week, but needed to do this little intro beforehand, so which I just did now as writing has not been at the top of priorities.

(Everything I post up until February 21st has been written before me putting up this intro right now.)

There has been a lot of trial and error that Ive had to make fast adjustments to. My program has consistently evolved as it has become much more intricate with each passing day. I've crammed in a little cardio area into my front room where I sleep. I don't think about much of anything else, and just go at it every day. You can see a lot of it play out in what I will be putting into posts here throughout the duration of the process. (If you're at all, curious.)

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