Everlasting Morning Sky...

(Originally posted on my old page on Aug 19, 2020)

This is an old bio photo they gave me way back when.

One of my favourite tunes the boys ever did was Everlasting Morning Sky. It's possibly the most quintessential Fat Cats song to me outside of Absolute Route. The start of the middle jam puts me right back in Clinton's before the boys were even a year old as a band.

So, when it comes on, this jam transports me right into that room. Then, in the middle of that Morning Sky jam, when Todd starts digging in, all I can see is Jeffrey, Sebo, Lash, and all the old school kids beside me. We're all just gruuuvin', laughin' and gigglin' with huge smiles on our faces! Pure good fun with pure good people! It was such a magikal time!

I could never understate what Fat Cats gave to me, and how their music, and the scene they created from within it, enriched everything about my life. I'm good at reflecting upon the ripples of things, and the ripple that was set off from the first time I saw them on my bro's apple orchard, on an epic long July weekend in 1993, is really quite unbelievable!

Fatties will always be a real big part of who have become as person, and that notion comes so alive whenever I hear Everlasting Morning Sky and instantly see myself gruuuvin' next to those kind people.

It's funny how having fun can open the door to bring so much amazing into one's life. Finding the fun and being grateful for it is my favourite thing to do because I know how it can change everything. I learned a lotta that from my time with Fatties and the people that came with it. Some of the best times of my life, and the gifts it all left me with could never be truly quantified!

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