Fennario's First Impression Went Well

I had to go into town to change my insurance for Thursday instead of Friday, so I could take it to Steel Toe Joe's Automotive Repair to leave it with Joe for awhile to casually make his way through it to give our new travellin' home some kind good lovin'.

After I got home from town, I got to work a bit to give the van a first kinda once-over cleaning. When I got it acceptable, I got Fennario to hop up into her new seat. She was happy.

It almost seems like she knows what's goin' on though, 'cause each time we head out to drive somewhere, Fennario's already B-Lining to the new big van, rather than our regular mini-van. Happy or not, I know for sure I have to build a better seat/bed for her up front. One of the key elements being that she can walk across to me. She likes to give me kisses when I come back to my seat after literally any reason. I don't want to take that from her.

The drive over to Joe's went kind of OK. One of the brakes seemed a bit sticky, and it pulled a bunch to the right. Made it with no problems though. So, now we wait til Joe gets into it. He'll have it for up to a month...

No hurries, no worries!

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