Finally, A Relaxed Ball Hoop (Oct 4)...

Updated: Oct 16, 2021

After a couple long days, I slept in a bit, and was supposed to go see Jason (Sims) at his place, but I don't have his address, and Facecrack wasn't working, so I headed out to Black Ash Park on the edge of town in another one of those new subdivisions that didn't exist when I used to live here. Black Ash was always one of the places we would go to smoke hash at lunch and on our spares in high school...and at times, have to run when the cops would appear from outta nowhere in the bush.

Sneaky bastids!

The way I found this subdivision was by accident when I was trying to find some other new subdivision. I got lost pretty fast. They are like mazes where everything looks the same, and is tightly closed in. However, they do seem fantastic for Halloween scoring for the kids though. Flat, and zillions of places crammed in together. Trick or Treatin' gold mines!

Lost in this subdivision that I wasn't even supposed to be in brought me to a slice of magik. A relaxed ball hoop.

OK...I'm in!

I've since come back, but there are always kids here, so I'd just move along because of the way this town is with dogs off leash. It really is a shame!

I figured that today might be a good day when school is in. It's overcast-cloudy, and the air has the slightest chill, so I hoped it might be empty.

It is! I'm psyched!

It's my new favourite ball court, and place to come in town. It is littered with all those purple flowers that line the roads...the ones that make me think of Michelle. I immediately fell in love with the whole thing. It's like I'm breathing in her essence while my mind flips through images of her as I wander around casually tossin' buckets.

Fennario loved it for sure.

She wandered around in the flowers while I shot some ball. I was actually lacing it today. Pitchin' darts!

I still had the past day and a half in my mind, and in my heart, and I let it nourish and flourish. Because the flowers made me think so much of Michelle, I took a break to wander into them. There was a little grass path cut through them, which made it easy to get in the middle of them all.

Fennario loved that even more when we wandered in there.

I looked around and thought about Michelle, and was soaking it all up. Then I locked onto a lone bumble bee buzzing around in its late season glory.

"Fuzzy lil' fella. Yeaaah!"

Fuzzy photo of a fuzzy lil' fella. I've since brought my good camera and have crisper ones...

After gazing around aimlessly, I came back for another round of ball. Fennario seemed to be done doing her thing, and just stood there watching me for a bit. I was still pitchin' darts in the second session too, but because of where my head was at, I wanted to go sit down and do some writing while I stared across at the flower encompassed pond, and listened to the crickets singing their cricket songs.

I'll definitely be back here.

This is my Michelle spot number three.

1: Top of the mountain by Swiss Meadows.

2: Parked under the willow tree where I got the wood for future carving for future Sage.

3: Black Ash Park to shoot ball surrounded by the flowers of her soul.

I know what the flowers are called, but I don't care 'cause I have re-named them for her...

"Michelle's Flowers"

As simple as that. ❤

It's nice to be a bit out of the hustle. I felt a sense of peaceful calm wash over me as I stared across at the pond...

Writing here, gazing there...

This all felt more comfortable. Shooting ball in a relaxed location with some beautiful scenery. That is what is what is normal for Fennario and I.

Our daily routine out west!

Plus, I was immersed in Michelle's spirit that overflowed in this place for me. It's quieter too, which opens up the avenue to hearing her laugh, inevitably leading to me seeing the sheen in her eyes while I hear the sweet giggle in her voice.

I get both happy and sad...those polarizing extremes again. Seeing her everywhere is a beautiful thing, but it's not having her here, and so I'm left back in that same spot.

Such an intense push-n-pull...

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