Finally Takin' Shots Again...

From Facecrack post, Feb 12, 2020

Maaaaan...this makes me so happy. Shovelling all the snow was getting to me this year. Anyone who was raised right knows that a snow shovel is just another term for mini zamboni. The first two weeks of January was the first time it has felt kind of like winter in many, many years...too many years!

Every time I was out shovelling, all I was thinking about was road hockey on a clean sheet afterwards. I never had a net though. It was driving me insane, and I hated every second of it! I finally got a chance to go grab a net. I was psyched!

It took me a few days to get around to putting the frame together, and then another three weeks to string the net on, but alas, the net is now on, and I am Wayne Gretzky, Mike Bossy and the Stastny brothers all at once with Matty, Chris, Rob, Ronnie, Mark-O, Derek, Jamie, Paul, Billy, Brad, Brant, Jay, Chris, Ernie, Justin, Tony, Ray, Timmy, Mike C, and all the boys once again! Whether at our homes or at school, it was the seventh game in the Stanley Cup Finals and Canada Cups against those Soviet Fucks all over again!

(If you actually know hockey, you know there is only one true international rivalry: Canada vs Soviets/Russia! That will never change!)

I haven't shot in years because I don't have the structural strength for pucks, but even relegated to a tennis ball, it still felt so soul nourishing. (A tennis ball is the true vessel of the road hockey <no, not 'street' hockey> game.)

I shot for about two hours until I could barely see the ball on the ground. I outlasted my dog, but she can suck it 'cause takin' shots is takin' shots, and anyone with good sense knows that shots need to be taken!

This might as well have been a photo of Robbie-Boy! We've tucked the ball up like that too many times back in the day!

A very important update!! I have since gotten a major stick upgrade with an old-school Wayne Gretzky Titan stick. The literal equivalent of Yoda's Lightsaber that has found its way to me. Hot damn like a mutherfucker!! I have chills, not only every time I touch it, but also even simply making eye contact with it.

What a real life Lightsaber looks like...

Nice first session wearing it in...

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