Fisherman's Pie at rel-ish Bistro

(**Because of the new restrictions that just came down a few days ago, against dining inside restaurants, I must first say that this was stop into rel-ish was back at the end of February.)

Since the new mask restrictions came down in November, I've only dined in a restaurant one time, which was earlier in February. I had to come into town tonight to get a few things from the grocery store, so I thought I'd go for a late dinner at rel-ish. It also happened to be Nikko's jazzy guitar night at rel-ish too, which he has been doing weekly on Thursday nights for several months now.

I was happy to sit down tucked in the back of the restaurant, all nice and mellow. I had looked at the menu online before I came, but perhaps that was just out of instinctual routine because I already knew what I wanted...

Fisherman's Pie!

I had been meaning to have that for quite some time, but I guess, no dice so far...til now.

I also had recently seen that a friend had posted a question on facecrack, asking what was people's favourite take-out in Nelson. When I saw the post, it had 7-9 replies. Three of those said that the Fisherman's Pie at rel-ish was the one! That's what really planted the seed for me to finally dive in tonight.

I liked the presentation. It was pleasantly surprising. I'm not too sure what I was expecting, but this wasn't it. This was a very clean and tight display that was delivered to my table. It looked simple at first, but I knew it was only foolish to believe such trickery, because I knew that there was gonna be layered goodness hiding beneath that heaping mound of crusted parmesan topped potato-y kindness. The side of roasted beets was also quite intriguing itself because I love those things.

Mmmmmmm...Vibrantly bold!

As soon as I started breakin' into my first bites, the entire complexion of the meal took a turn...a dark one!

Nikko had just came back from a little break, and when he sat down, he picked up his guitar, started noodling around, and quickly fell into the realm of the Sith as he dug into the Darth Vader theme song...jazz-y style!

Oh, man, it was fantastic. I even had the presence of mind to hit record on my camera, and got almost all of it while I dug into my food.

Video: The Dark Side meets Jazz by Nikko

"How excellent is this?!"

I couldn't help but to feel that perhaps this was a foreshadowing of a total beatdown assault on my unsuspecting senses. A sneak attack...such is the way of the slithery Sith! (Sneaky bastids for sure!) Perhaps this was just the coincidence that is wrapped up in the force...dark side or light...the sneak attack coincidence that just seems meant to be.

From that point on, the Fisherman's Pie was immediately renamed the "Vader Pie" in my simple little mind.


I had a whole scene playing out in my head that actually made me giggle.

The top layer of my Vader pie was fantastic! Potato mash with crusted crumb of baked parmesan cheese...

"Ooooh man, that's some good shit! I'd throw myself into an ultimate ass-whuppin' lightsabre battle for this for sure 'cause it's worth whuppin' ass for!"

I had only cracked into the first initial bites and immediately thought to myself how it was off to a really great start. Before I got really far into it, I scooped some of that potato-y goodness with one of my beets. I love both of those root vegetables, so I had to have them combined together for at least one bite. I enjoyed that immensely, but all future beet dipping was to be done in that creamy chardonnay parmesan dill sauce...also known as...the oceany goodness that the shrimps, scallops and salmon were swimming in. I wasn't about to let them hog all the fun.

"No freakin' way!"

The deeper I got into the dish, the more its flavour became evident as it continuously revealed its nature in evolving depths. The sauce was like a creamy cocoon that was lovingly nursing the dish's nature within...and then, like camouflage in the night, the troops began to reveal the strength of their power, especially in numbers. It was astounding. The pie was stacked.


It was actually quite impressive how much was crammed into it. Definitely one of those 'looks can be deceiving' situations. I was very aware of that as it played on repeat in my head the further I got into it and the more I ate.

So, I was sittin' there wading through the Dark Side theme until I suddenly found myself with a picture of clowns coming out of a tiny car. The Shrimps, Salmon and Scallops just wouldn't stop coming. I was genuinely surprised by it. This wasn't any circus trick though, that's for gawd damned sure! This was just good, solid, make you feel awesome, food that kept comin' and comin'!

Needless to say, I really liked my's Pie! The creaminess of the sauce that layered and coated everything seemed to act like an ocean-y catalyst for all of the seafood madness lying underneath that covering layer of crusted cheesy potatoes.

I was filled up before I reached the end, but I stuffed myself into oblivion...and waddled my way out of the bistro.

Stopping in for a late dinner at rel-ish on this evening was a great call. The food was great...and Nikko bringin' the Sith heat on guitar was the over-the-top clincher!

With the newest restrictions against inside dining for at least three weeks being implemented very suddenly a few days ago, Trevor (owner/executive chef) scrambled to get his patio up to still offer onsite dining along with pick-up to-go and delivery.

rel-ish Bistro 301 Baker Street Nelson, BC, Canada







**Please support your local restaurants if you can. They have been hit really hard in the past year.

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