Found Within You...

Talking to Michelle southeast of Thunder Bay while she painted the sky for me...

"Found Within You"

It's hard to get a grasp

The pain that's twisting

So deep inside

All the way down

You were the whole world

Everything I knew

To be good

To be kind

To be the wonderful

In beautiful rewind

Of beautiful define

The hurt it is real

The tears that follow

They are real too

Learning of a love

Previously unknown

To be true

Everything about you

Inspired me through

I just don't know how

To feel everything I do

Broken in two

My soul has been shattered

No way to construe

I'm not a hider

Nor do I run

I feel the emotion

I lean right into

Because of the good

The kindness of you

I'm seeing a strength

Inside myself

A different kind

I never knew

The weight of my pain

Is crushing me down

An impossible force

Feeling it all around

But still I am standing

I'm standing for you

But that's not enough

So my strength grows

Out of the pain

The love I know true

I feel a conflict

Between the two

But I know the reason

My internal dispute

So the pain I lean into

Because of the love

The underlying reason

That forever changed

Everything about me

And all that I knew

All of that feeling

All of that love

Your beautiful infuse

It gives me the courage

To find my way through

But more than all that

Far, far beyond

My vision grows

Beyond the horizons

Of my understanding

I dive into

To paint your name

Into the skies and the clouds

Way up above

So the world can see

What I've known all along

The beauty of you

So, I'm not afraid

Of the soul crushing pain

Because more than it hurts

It strengthens me through

From that very love

The love that is you

And when I look within

To see what is there

A book full of lessons

Given from beyond

Showing layers of truth

And the far reaching grasp

A timeless imprint

For all that you touched

The humanity you showed

That I aspire to know

The pain in my heart

Paints pictures in mind

Teaching me still

From a foundation of you

I'll paint a masterpiece

Can never be torn down

The only way I know how

Fueled by that very love

Found within you

In full gratitude

Michelle Ana Fabian

I'll paint it for you

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