Happy 50th Birthday Sean (Oct. 23)...

This was a fun night. Driving down Sean's road was excellent. The narrow street was lined with parked cars, and there were two little packs of people walking up the along the way. It was great. It made me flash right back to high school parties of old...not because it was full of high school friends from back in the day. That initial sentiment was confirmed even more when I parked and wandered over. My immediate reaction was to reflect back to when we used to get yelled at for these very parties. That made me think of what one friend said on this trip, that his kids yell at him to turn down the tunes. It's kinda like bizarro Seinfeld when everything was backwards. Parties we used to get yelled at for, are now OK, and the kids are telling us to turn the music down. It makes me feel like we're winning.

Sean Rennie is a super good guy. I would say the turnout was quite indicative of that. Of course, The Pop Top Pub was the centerpiece that everyone gathered around. I mean, awesome is awesome, so you know...

Dig it, maaaan!!

Where the taps on the side of the bus was too packed for me to navigate through. I stuck to the outside fringes and just ran into silhouettes that would start talking to me. I got to see more people I haven't seen in 30 years, and met some new people too. Smiles and laughs, and no shortage of either. However, I had no idea who those freakin' silhouettes were until they told me their name...then I pulled it together.

I don't know wine. That's no secret. I do, however, know Wayne Gretzky, so when that's staring me in the face, that's what I'm rollin' with. I have not changed in that regard since I was a little kid. Gretzky is Gretzky, and that's that!

Sooo...this is what I brought for Sean...

Similar to when I saw Marsha at Michelle's Celebration of Life, I found myself sideswiped by awesome again. This time it was in a good conversation with Joanna...another silhouette who rolled up on me. We talked for awhile. As soon as she told me who she was, I said...

"Let me have it..."

As in, start fillin' me in on the past 30 years.

We both got right into the shit. It was excellent. One of those unexpected fulfilling conversations that leaves you feelin' kinda psyched, and definitely glad that it happened. I'm not good at all with small talk, I'd rather get into it, or just not really bother, so I always appreciate good conversations like we had, regardless of the nature of them.

It was a great night!

Happy 50th Sean!

Earlier in the day I sent this photo to Sean, with the message... "Styled out one of your hoops for the kids."

It was the last thing Sean and I talked about before I cut out for the night.

I went down to Mountain View Elementary School where Sean teaches, as did Michelle, so I could put mesh up on one of the hoops. Baskets are always more fun to shoot on with mesh, of whatever kind, so I thought I'd stick one up. I'd been driving around with it for quite some time, but I cannot go during the day, during the week, it gets dark early, and I have been busy/gone most weekends, and fill in most of the rest of the time with some good ol' fashioned rain. Today was a beauty though, and I'm running outta time, so I had to get at least one net strung up. Being the day of Sean's birthday seemed to be the perfect day to do that, so I rolled with it.

A pretty good Sean themed day!

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