Her Virtuous Heart...

"Her Virtuous Heart"

I saw her sorrow

There are cuts

They run deep

But I saw something

Just as strong

Even much more

I stood back

I listened still

Paying attention

I saw it unfold

The nature of her heart

The truth of her way

It is beautiful

It sure is profound

I told her this

I told her it was so

Despite the pain

From tragedy's hold

She finds the strength

To stand up tall

As hard as it is

Her beautiful truth

Her nature so true

It's still there

But so much more

Her beautiful truth

It speaks up loud

I took it all in

While she showed

What it all meant

From anguished courage

Showing it all

I told her this

About her character so

The substance of her heart

My admiration in sight

In a timely elude

My words surely escape

As I thought to myself

Deeply within

Her sincerity in self

So loving therein

I gave up the words

Although spoken some still

It wasn't disbelief

That spelled itself out

The words I couldn't see

They were different to me

Because of what she showed

In a courageous reveal

Her stunning esteem

My admiration

Ran wildly deep

And I wish that I knew

How to properly convey

The way that I saw

Her beautiful truth

But I don't have the words

To precisely say

So I said what I could

In a simple old way

That it says something

Of her virtuous heart

And her character told

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