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Updated: Nov 29, 2021

I kind of poached from myself here using some of the content from my old website that I originally wrote about them, and adding some new stuff now... Today is their birthday, Jason and Justin...or is it, Justin and Jason. I've known them for close to 35 years, and I still don't have a clue which one is which. I've tried, oh man, I've tried to figure it out, but obviously it ain't workin'! The lucky thing is, is that does it really even matter?! These two guys are so fantastic that it can reduce you to a moment of pause within silence while trying to find the words to do the job, only to realize, these guys are some of the ones who live beyond the realm of words.

You see, words are a limited thing. Can they really describe the true nature of laughter, of pain, of love, of loss? I don't think they can. Emotion is much more real than a label of a word, and that's the place I inevitably find myself if I ever try to describe these two fellas. At this point in my life, the thing I like to do the most is help people through a tough time if I am somehow able. I just like it when people are happy and free from pain, struggle and strife. We all have our paths to walk toward our own destiny, but we are also all products of our environments, and the people surrounding them. The way I kinda see it is that there's no bigger honour than using your time and life to help that of another in need...and the biggest honour of all being giving your life to save that of another. Jason and Justin epitomize that notion. (Or was it, Justin and Jason?? I forget already.) They have molded their lives around being of service to others. They're really good solid guys that I've been lucky enough to know for a long-ass time. I first met them when we were all tearing it up night skiing on the hill in the mid-80's...a few years before hitting high school. Things were so much easier for that short stretch of time in high school when Jay was kinda skin-head-y lookin', and Justin was not. Outside of that, I never stood a chance in telling the difference between the two of them. I never cared though, because each one of them has always been a pleasure to be around.

(I'd actually giggle a bit at my stupidity whenever I was able to be around both of 'em at the same time because I was always such an easy mark, and sitting duck, for them to mess with if they ever felt like making the switch in front of me.)

When they were young, quite possibly shortly after high school, they both went into the military, and since retiring from their service, they have both been police officers. When you think about military, as well as police officers, as far as the individual person goes, these are the guys you want showing up to any call or situation. They are just such awesome humans in every respect. Outside of work, you want a friend? You want these guys...solid as all fuck! They are the difference makes we all long for in this world of madness.

I also like Rye n' Ginger's...just sayin', boys!

If I'm ever thinking about them in the random wanderings of my mind, I quite often look past the great guys that they are personally, and find myself more focused in on how they have elevated beyond that through their long-time continuous service to others beyond themselves. Don't believe me? Take a look at this from Justin's impact on a little kid during the Bosnian war in 1994...

"How a Canadian veteran reconnected with the boy he befriended during the Bosnian war" - CBC Radio

They've both done some pretty extraordinary stuff throughout each of their lives. They are both extremely inspiring guys...the best kind of humans we can all hope for. They epitomize the notion of the type of person I aspire to be. This world is definitely better with Jason and Justin Frye in it....er, Justin and Jason...

Just like that little kid in Bosnia, I can chalk myself up as one of the ones lucky enough to have them touch my life. We should all be so lucky.

Happy birthday boys.

Post edit...

The boys are in this post I wrote when I went to write about the mural being painted at the Royal Canadian Legion in Castlegar, BC.

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