Jeannine & Marsha at Michelle's Celebration of Life - September 18, 2021

A facecrack post...

I have to put these two photos up here again. It's hard for me to separate Jeannine from Michelle. I've always seen so much of Michelle in Jeannine, and so much of Jeannine in Michelle. They are two of the same. When you think of genuinely sweet, kind human beings, you need to look no further than those two. Seeing Jeannine melted me into puddles from making my insides swirl with a nameless love because of that true loss for words thing again. Even standing with my back to her, and simply hearing her voice, and the exuding kindness, was the perfect thing for the day. Thanks for being so integrally woven into all my memories of Michelle, Jeannine. I am very grateful for you.

**Also...We rode a limo together.

Marsha was the surprise of the day. Hilariously awesome. Oh how I have missed her more than I even realized. I followed her over to her sister and Randy's place afterwards, and got jealous that she was going to have tacos with Jeannine, but I get to see her again on Thanksgiving weekend. Can't wait because everything felt warm with Marsha around in the bit of crisp air yesterday.

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