Literary Nerds and The Cinnamon Bun Lottery...

Sometimes yuh never know when the lil' nuggets'r gonna get dished right to you. Head into town for some cinnamon buns, and walk into a dose of humour for the literary nerds. I actually thoroughly enjoyed this one at Finley's Bar & Grill in Nelson, BC.

**Since I found out about their cinnamon buns, I've fallen into this thing, that because they're so freakin' good, I always get some to give away on top of the two I get for myself. It's fun dishin' out the Sunday Morning Cinnamon Buns lottery each week for the past while now. If I know where you live, don't be surprised if I randomly show up with kind sweet buns shortly before 10:00am on a Sunday morning. I've already got the staff trained. I just stick my head in the door, and when I make eye contact, just tell them the number that I'm lookin' for..."I'll take four this time, please," and then I just wait outside by their sign getting excited to give them away...and then drive home like a madman so I can shove one in my face. It has become routine now. As soon as I scarf one down, I head to the ball court with my doggie-o. I'm really that simple, but those damned buns'r sure like giving away lil' pieces of sweet edible sunshine.

Pastry chef, Allison Schlosser, sure dishes out some sweet buns.

Finley's Bar & Grill

Hours: 9:00am - 10:00pm

705 Vernon Street

Nelson, BC






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