Loka Middle Eastern-Mediterranean Bistro - Basking in Vibrancy

Talk about a sensory overload in the most fantastic way! As soon as you step foot through their door, your senses just explode...senses that seem to be on alert for your entire dining experience at Loka Middle Eastern-Mediterranean Bistro!

You can't help it. It's like you immediately become irresistibly captive by the scents filling up the air. They punch you right in the face, and you're powerless to avoid the onslaught of their beautiful sense-y-filled wrath! Before you even realize what is happening, your taste buds are salivating. Me?!? I was forced into an internal discussion with myself and my taste buds...

"Can you at least let me get to my freakin' table before you make me start slobbering all over myself?! I'm trying to hold onto some semblance of dignity here!"

It's an unassuming little restaurant that is full of warmth, but don't let that fool you, 'cause Loka brings the thunder to roll right over you with its awesomeness! Holy smokes...or more properly...


I just wanna start eating the air whenever I am in there. It smells so good that it's an almost torturous wait to have to get from the ordering process through 'til your food arrives at your table. There is no doubt that you're thrown into taking massive body shots and knocks upside the head by your own treasonous anticipation.

It's pretty outta sight, actually!

Arabic Meatball Rice Bowl (1/2 Rice 1/2 Salata)

All that anticipation gets even crazier when the food arrives to the table. After tearing shreds outta your sense of smell, which fires your taste buds into beautiful overdrive, the crushing blow delivered by the vibrancy on your plate metaphorically pokes your eyes out from this magikal wonderland of visual euphoria.

"Good gawd, maaaaan!"

Baba Ghanouj

When you see your food in front of you, there's not much else to say, except, "time to shove that beautiful artistry in my face!"

The build up is so intense, that all civility gets thrown out the window, and forces you to just attack the food in an utter shameless display of face stuffing madness. I mean, you're trying to show restraint, but it's just that good, so you kinda just throw all that out the window, and go for it!

Sabich Salata (1/2 Rice 1/2 Salata)

I had them as the winner of Nelson's annual Burger Month this past November...just edging out the eventual four-time winner, Pitchfork. Loka nailed the essence of the contest with the way they infused their ethnic flavours in a bold way, yet delivered so subtly to accent the nature of a burger so perfectly.

Link to my post about Loka's entry for the annual Nelson Burger Month!

I've had some amazing meals there, as well as those who I have been with. Loka consistently runs right over me with their fantastic flavours, visuals, smells...the whole damned deal! The way they cultivate a multi sensory food experience is so enticing. I've been really starting to push this restaurant to my guests who walk through the door at my hotel, as well as anyone else who will listen.

Chorbah (Turmeric, Red Lentil, Lemon, Sumac, Zatar, Parsley soup - cup size.)

While you're there, you might as well get yourself some pretty chai's!

Fantastic stuff, Loka!


I'm actually going back there pretty soon for a birthday celebration, so I'm pretty psyched, and cannot wait.

Loka Middle Eastern-Mediterranean Bistro

449 Baker St

Nelson, BC

Hours: Mon - Thurs 12:00pm - 8:00pm | Friday-Saturday 12:00pm to 9:00pm

Phone: (250) 352-0460

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