Lupins at the Ferry...

It's nice to be here among the pretty lupins while they sway in the wind. I've always looked at them as a kind of launching point into summer. (Lilacs might have something to say about that though.) Lupins are scattered everywhere in our region. Yes, they are in people's gardens, but all the roadsides are littered with their colourful goodness. It can easily become quite mesmerizing watching their airtime dance.

Just as guaranteed as their brilliant colourings, another thing you can always count on to appear with the annual lupins is that familiar buzzy little hum of those fuzzy lil' bumble bees...buzzin' around from flower to flower. Maaan, they are the cutest little things when you see them covered with the bright specs of yellow pollen on their fuzzy little butts.

Down here by the water's edge, there are so many other little dimensions to add to its intrinsic beauty. With the world's longest fresh water beach as my hometown that I grew up in, any breeze that comes off the water is always such a home-like feeling to experience. Pure comfort.

Figuring out time-lapse on my new camera...

Add in the many different songs in the air from crickets, birds, and even those breeze swept flowers and branches brushing up against each other, and it makes for a wondrous recipe of wholesome goodness.

The clouds gently pushing their way across the sky makes me think of over-the-top-sweet, teeth breaking cotton candy. I'm pretty sure that has been a constant thought since I was a little kid, even though I have not tried any of that in probably 30+ years.

(Random thought - An awesome thing I saw once on the internet, was a video of a raccoon with cotton candy at the water. It kept disintegrating in front of him when he dropped it in. The reaction of puzzlement on its face was pretty excellent. A total psyche on him that was pretty funny.)

Well, enter in the flutter-by's, and you have even more layers of beauty. Just keeps getting better and better standing here. Yaaay for the simplicity of beautiful nature!

Although I came down here to try out taking a time-lapse video of our ferry, from the perspective of the lupins, I can't help but to get filled up with that sense of peace that only the natural world knows how to infuse.

The feeling of balance is always so predominant in this kind of setting, but that is what the natural world is...


It feels good to drop all the other stuff behind, and wander outside with my doggie-o.

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