My Gnarly Winter Toes

I'm just re-posting this from facecrack, and a message I sent to my awesome bro, Knoxy, about it.

Here's what my shitty toes look like 'cause I can't reach 'em to take care of 'em, and I wear flip flops in the snow, and I'm not allowed to go to a spa. (it's probably better that the photo's a tad bit fuzzy)

Message to Knoxy... just like number 4 bobby orr!

i don't like wearing socks in skates either 🙂

i don't have a problem with my feet, and i didn't post the photo for that reason. i just thought it was funny how fucked they are. it always happens. i haven't been able to reach my feet for close to a decade to cut my nails. i think that it is something we shouldn't have to pay for, as in, should be able to do ourselves, so, out of principle, i wait a long time to get my money's worth if i gotta pay for it. by the time i go to a spa to get someone to do it, i sound like my doggie walking across hardwood. 🙂 they get so long that 3 or 4 of them are broken off by the time i get there. i got a couple different girls i see about it and we just laugh about it. i'm pretty good at entertaining the entire spa when i am in there...such is my jackass-ery. 🙂

snow in bare feet always fucks with my feet a bit, but that sorts itself out. i can't do a spa though 'cause i don't wear a mask. i have an exemption from having to wear one, but places can still refuse me despite the exemption, and i try to lay low as much as possible just to avoid the fucked madness around everything. i've actually been thanked by front liners for the way i have gone about things. i have been thanked by a security guard. staff at most places don't care, and even police who came into my work looking for someone didn't care. it's all the self-appointed mask police who are the know...the ones who don't matter. one guy wanted to fight me in the grocery store. i just made fun of him and laughed in his face for being a prick. how i react to someone entirely depends on how they come at me, and you know how it is when you bring intelligence to stupidity... 🙂

...and you also know how I enjoy having fun with that 🙂

i've put on more weight though 'cause i mostly just eat take-out so i can avoid having to go to stores 'causea assholes like that douchebag in the grocery store. it'll be nice to be treated like a human again, but i'm used to being the odd one out, and having things taken away from me because of my body, so it's not the end of the world.

i don't look down to the floor around where my feet are too often 'cause it hurts too much, but i did when i was at work sweeping out my office, and when i saw my gnarly-ass toes, i laughed, and took a photo.

kinda suits my gnarly-ass self anyway. 🙂

best part of your message...bare feet in skates. once again...number four bobby orr.

i always knew you had it together...even if you're from creemore 🙂

(long live meaningless lifetime grudges. awwwwe, hockey...gotta love it!)

fatty hugs bro...

**Post-edit... See, they kinda just cut themselves. Just like when I had long hair, I didn't tell it what to do, and it didn't tell me what to do. It was a mutual thing. My toes are kinda the same.

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