Nelson Burger Month Stop 13 - Marzano

This one came to the table pretty quickly. It had a nice clean presentation. I'm glad to start seeing more of that instead of dirty/greasy plates.

You could tell right away it was a lighter style of burger compared to the likes of places like Waits on Nelson and Broken Hill. That was an unexpected thing that was very pleasing...almost a sense of relief! It made me happy to see that.

The patty was in nice proportion to the rest of the toppings and bun. It isn't my favourite style of bun for a burger, but they are made fresh on site, and absolutely dynamite for what they are.

Fresh and stylin' can you argue with that?!

It smelled great. I feel like I am leaning into the word, "fresh," because I have to say it again: It looked and smelled the same kind of freshness feeling that fills you up when you go pick vegetables straight out of the intrinsic feeling of inner harmony. That was a real special treat. I liked that a lot.

The patty was done perfectly. Real, real nice! The spicing in it was fantastic. On top of the whole freshness angle of things, it was nice to see a burger not get carried away trying to reinvent what a burger is. (Nor, stacked to the ceiling!) I loved the simplicity that let the patty do its job and truly sing.

As great as the bun was, it split on the top and bottom, so the integrity of it kind of collapsed.

I was with a friend of mine, and I loved listening to her go off about the rosemary and tomatoes. It seemed like deja vu every 9 seconds! Just fantastic!

Just as I had suspected from the visual, and scented, end of things, the burger ate really light. That was such a treat!

Happy top garnish! Yaaay!

I liked this Marzano burger a lot. The collapsing bun was the only real minus. Overall, I had this at a very strong second place. It was on its own in that position, but it wasn't enough to even challenge Loka's burger. It is still up there standing on its own pedestal, looking down upon the rest to see if there are any to challenge its position at the top of the podium.

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