Nelson Burger Month Stop 15 - Finley's Bar & Grill

Ever since I had that burger that moved me into thought of perfection a few years ago, Finley's has been the place in town to come when I want a burger. Many people have asked me which place has the best one, and this is where I have sent them. Literally everyone has thanked me and said it was amazing. With that as the background, Finley's is one of the places I was looking forward to the most on this Burger Month tour, and hoped that it could live up to the years of consistent reputation with their 2020 competition entry.

My burger came to my table quickly. When my server put it in front of me, the words that fell out of my face were...

"That's a beauty!"

The plate was clean. The presentation was clean. Good stuff. The little things didn't get looked over.

It was a just a straight forward, solid lookin' burger. The aroma grabbed my by the throat instantaneously though, and punched me right in my nose. So, it looked great, and it smelled great. The next thing up was how does it taste, and how does it eat??

The bun felt a little cool and immediately split on the bottom with my first bite, which left me thinking that it might make it a bit tricky to keep everything together throughout the tasting. What a first bite though! Daaaamn!!

Although this one doesn't feel all competition-y, it delivered in the roots of what one might expect a true excellent burger to be. When you go out to have a burger on any given night, you hope for something like this. It wasn't a bells and whistles kind of thing, just freakin' good n' tasty!

The patty was a great size in relation to the bun and the toppings, and it was cooked very nicely. There was no overkill anywhere like so many other places have been doing with their entries. I very much appreciated that.

It had a faint sweetness that played well with the other flavors, and when that sweet was mixed with the natural bacon saltiness, it all came together so nicely! Couple all of that with the freshness of the greens, and it amounts to the singing of your insides!

The bun split on top as well, and once it did, just as I had suspected, it started to become a little more challenging to keep it from falling apart while eating the second half. Despite that, in the opposite direction of several of the other burgers, the patty was the last thing to go, and I was able to make my way through it all without having some big mess left on the plate afterward. That was a good sign.

I feel a bit repetitive here, but it was great solid burger, something that one would be happy with any day of the week. It felt a bit more standard compared to all the other competition though, so I was wondering if it pushed itself, or chose to stay in its comfort zone, but then again, pushing burgers too far has been the downfall of so many of them. Either way, at the end of the day, you want to be content when eating a meal, and the Finley's competition burger checked that box off quite confidently. I enjoyed it for sure.

The bun was the only real weak link. It didn't overshadow anything else within the burger in the least though, so it amounted to just a minor tick against, but nothing worth being upset about.

Competition or not, Finley's has served quite possibly the most consistent burger for the past several years now. I have yet to be disappointed whenever I have gone in there to shove one in my face.

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