Nelson Burger Month Stop 3 - Jackson's Hole

I'm still feeling the leftover impact from 24 hours ago, but I gotta soldier on here and keep forging ahead through as many of these burgers as I can.

With Pitchfork still a day away from completing their minor renovations, I had to choose somewhere else. I am giving priority to Nelson's Top 5 Restaurants according to the 700+ guests I spoke with at my hotel this summer. They earned every bit of that courtesy, but I refuse to get into them until I go to Pitchfork first as, not only was it the overwhelming favourite restaurant, it is also the three-time defending champ of Nelson's Burger Month.

Respect where respect is due!

So, for today, on my quest for redemption back from the pits of burger hell, the question became, which place do I try next in the meantime?! Jackson's Hole popped into my head without any thought, so Jackson's Hole it was!

I was greeted pretty warmly as soon as I walked through the door. I didn't waste any time, I ordered the burger and a water on the spot, and then went to find a seat.

(Gotta tip a nod to the service! Pretty good stuff!)

After I got kind of settled, I had second thoughts on the fries my server suggested, so I went to find him to order some for the extra $3.00 charge...even though I knew I'd likely be eating them cold as the only focus is on the burger itself.

(Having seen the different fries in so many different places over the years I've given thought to doing a little fries tour to find the best ones in our town.)

The burger came pretty quickly, and I must say, just from looking at it, I felt a little wave of ease wash over me with thoughts along the lines of...

"Siiigh...a proper looking burger!"

It did look a little heavy on the lettuce, but I'd just squash that down when I picked it up. I had to move a few of the fries to expose the bottom part of the burger to take a good look at it, so I think I am not going to order fries anymore during burger month...just keep it to the star of the show. No distractions from the topic at hand.

Burger only = Nice and simple!

Even before I got into it, I liked the red onions. They grabbed my eye right away, looking kindly fresh, which implied a delivery of a juicy pop with that little splash of bite that those kinds of onions give off. Yaaay!

Hands on the burger, first words out...

"Proper bun!"

Then I lifted it up to look underneath. (My cynicism being on high alert now.) The next words that came out of my mouth...

"Clean plate, no ocean of grease! I like it!"

That was a sigh of relief for sure. Then it was dive-in time!

The immediate observation was that it was quite heavy on the sauce. There were kind of two different ones going on, a sour cream bacon sauce, and then a thick cheese spread. Mixing together, they asserted themselves strongly to the forefront of the senses...taking the senses right over.

They weren't bad per se, but they seemed to be bordering on flavourless. It was as if the two forces came together and battled each other to inevitably cancel one another out. So odd! Maybe the consistency and amount just drown out my taste buds so they couldn't do their job because for as intense as it was, there was not much flavour coming through at all.

The sheer volume buried all of the other ingredients, and kinda suffocated them so that their flavours couldn't flourish they way they were meant to. That was kind of a let down.

I was bit of sad that I didn't get my little crunchy sweet juicy pop from the fresh onions. The sauce and spread took care of that...well, really, everything was drown out because of them. I actually had to order a ginger ale so the carbonation would cut through the thickness of the coating in my mouth. I didn't like that I had to do that.

The burger wasn't bad though, but in all honesty, it was only OK. It was the copious amounts of bland combo-sauce that choked the rest of the burger out, to the point where I didn't even really notice the patty. It isn't such a great thing when you're eating a burger, but you don't notice much of anything past the thick coating of the mostly tasteless sauce. Jackson's Hole delivers a pretty solid regular burger, and I'll just stick with that.

Well, onto the next one. Hurry up and open Pitchfork, so I can get in to try the heavyweights in town that I am anxiously waiting for now.

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