Nelson Burger Month Stop 5 - Waits on Nelson

I was kind of taken aback right after I got there, and didn't really know what to think at first. I ordered my competition burger and some water, but when I went to sit down, I remembered that Waits is the only place in town where you can get a real milkshake, and a shake is a shake, so...

"Yup! Not missing out on that for nothin'!!"

So I went back to the counter to order a chocolate shake for after I was done my burger. I kind of wish I didn't do that though because of what I saw. The lady in the kitchen was eating ice cream from the bucket. She took a spoonful, ate it, then put her spoon back into it, and ate some more. I was immediately put off and skeptical of what I was seeing...such is my high cynicism from my burger tour so far.

The girl in the front of house walked up to the til and kindly asked if I wanted anything else. I didn't speak so smoothly though, more kind of broken up speech as I told her what I just saw, and that I had come to order a shake, but now I don't know if I can trust the ice cream. She raised her hand to her head in disbelief, and with a sigh, turned around and said something to the cook, and then turned back to me to reassure me that everything was fine, that the cook lady was just cleaning out the tub or something.

I really wish I didn't see that. I mean, I just came from a restaurant that gave me food on a dirty plate (Top and bottom.) which makes cynical of their whole kitchen practices. Then I come here and see that...the cook eating ice cream from the giant tub while standing at the grill cooking. That elicited an involuntary head shake from me...


I'll tell you this, this burger tour has been quite disheartening so far. Which restaurant is going to pull me out of this quicksand that I feel that I've been sinking in?! I guess that only time will tell.

When it was brought to my table, this one looked more like a proper burger. Looking a bit deeper into it, it began to reveal all of its layers, which was quite enticing.

I quickly caught a whiff of a deep fry-i-ness smell that stole my attention. I was attributing that to the two little things on top of the bun as their glossy sheen would indicate. I took those off and took a bite of one. They were those simple little store bought breakfast sausage link things, and were teeming with grease. I ate the first one, but I couldn't eat the second one. I'm too scarred from The Uptown and Louie's, and the Smackdown KO they laid on me for the better part of two days.

This is a very heavy burger to eat, but I started to notice something that I'll get to in a moment. Obviously there was the patty and cheese, but this thing also had bacon, an egg, hollandaise sauce, tomato, onions, and more. It seemed endless. It was as if it came from a place where burgers had a beautiful head-on collision with breakfast to create a wonderful love-child from the chaos.

Yes, it was very busy with a lot going on crammed into a small package, maybe even a tad chaotic, sure, but it was also that one diamond in the rough that was shining through the divine light. One of pure beauty!

You see, even though I'm not a drinker, this burger makes me long for a hangover because it would be the ultimate prize for that...the super ultimate for that! It's the most glorious hangover dream meal ever, one that was sent down from the heavens by the very gods themselves!

Waits on Nelson should definitely keep it on their permanent menu, rename it the Hungover Burger, and promote the livin' hell out of it.


I don't think it is the contest winner, but it is a dream come true in another sense. It was definitely my favourite overall burger so far...sans breakfast sausage links on top of the bun.

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