Nelson Burger Month Stop 7 - The Hume Hotel

Updated: Nov 9, 2020

I definitely was not expecting a very pronounced layer of homemade chips on my burger. As far as a choice for competition, that is an iffy, and somewhat risky element to add to a burger. Some people really like that, and some people really don't...with not much in between. I personally am not a fan of that in the least, and will avoid the option whenever possible. (Every time I have seen chips on a burger or a sandwich, I clearly remember being taken aback in disbelief the first time I saw someone do that as a little kid.) I couldn't speak to this yet until I tried it though, so gotta see how it goes before anything can be properly said.

I know they were only meant for a garnish, but the fried mushrooms on the top didn't add anything to the burger. There was nothing visually pleasing about them, and they were just shriveled and greasy tasting. (Grease really seems to be the early days theme of this burger month journey.)

The maple bacon had a real nice sweetness to it. The pieces were sticking out quite a bit, so I broke some off to taste it on its own. It was great. I liked that. That was an uplifting element in terms of anticipation, which I felt like I needed because of the chips and the mushroom garnish.

The chips were mostly flavourless except the fry in them, but left a trace of a burnt-y taste, so that wasn't overly appealing. When I got into them, my burning question was how would they play out through the entire burger eat. Would the burnt taste fade away by getting buried by the other ingredients, or would it gradually assert itself stronger and stronger throughout the tasting?!

The patty was good, but definitely over cooked, and so it was on the dry side for sure. It was a nice thickness though, so it was too bad that it was done over. That is a definite stumble as per the usual thing of the patty being the most critical part of any burger.

Halfway through I was struggling to decide if I liked this or not. It was average at best, but kept making me thinking about the kind of thing that is standing right in front of you but you don't see it. The unmemorable, invisibly incognito burger!

I was with a friend, and we were having a repetitive discussion of how it was a tad on the salty side. The sweetness of the maple bacon kind of balanced that out, but it wasn't enough to bring the balance into full effect, so the saltiness permeated a little too strong in the end.

The brioche bun was nice, but somewhat soggy near the end of the eat, so it lost its appeal with the deeper into the taste I got. I more prefer buns that hold their integrity til the end.

The more I ate, the stronger the flavour of the burnt chips became evident. It was the lingering taste on the palate. That wasn't appealing at all, so I would definitely not order this again from the perspective of the chips alone. I'm just not a fan of burnt greasy potato, and the way it sinks its hooks into my taste buds to stay with me. Add in the tip toward saltiness, coupled with the over-cooked dry patty, and it's just not the burger for me. I'm not saying it was bad, but it's just not the one for me. Get rid of the tone setting shriveled-up fried mushroom garnish, the burnt tasting chips, and take a bit of time off the cook of the patty, and I'd really like this burger, but that's not what was on the plate, so...

There just isn't much to say about it, good or bad. When I said that aloud, my friend responded...

"Did I have a burger?!"

And that's just it...the whole notion of something being right in front of your face that you cannot see. In a word for that, I would suggest, "blah."

The bacon was the element that was the saving grace tasked with the duty to rescue it from a general obscurity to something OK, but even that sweet maple taste still couldn't balance out the saltiness, and definitely not the dryness. Even Wayne Gretzky couldn't bring a cup to the Kings, Blues or Rangers! Translation: The bacon just wasn't enough on its own, it needed more balanced support!

Aside from the company I was with, of course because she's awesome, it was good to have my friend with me to talk this one through. We were able to get a glimpse into consistency. We were both in agreement about pretty much everything except that her patty was too small for her bun, and mine was the right size for it, so the consistency was lacking on two back-to-back burgers. However, we were in full agreement about the garnish mushrooms, the off-putting lingering burnt taste from the chips, that the bacon was awesome, but not enough to save the burger from its saltiness, and that the overall sense was that it just wasn't memorable. At some point, I said to her...

"So, it's not just me?!"

That made her laugh, which caused me to start laughing in our agreement of the overall assessment of our "blah-burger" that we came to call it.

Not the competition winner!

I was somewhat let down by this as I expected more from The Hume. When I did my burger tour three years ago, I had the Hume at number three in town, but it could have been number two if not for the fact that it was $2.00 higher than the next most expensive burger in town. I've had their burgers several times since too, and have never really been unimpressed, so, with an even playing field in terms of price, I was filled with anticipation toward their entry, but my friend and I left with a burnt potato aftertaste in our mouths and the term "blah-burger" in our minds.

I don't really know what else to say.

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