No Need For Nelson, BC's Annual Burger Competition - rel-ish Bistro's Mayan Burger Beats Them All...

Daaaaaamn...the Mayan Burger at rel-ish is the best burger in town. One bite in, I half lost my shit. (Original facecrack post.)

The first bite I took instantly struck me into pause. My friend, Daniella, was taking me out for lunch for my birthday. I immediately blocked out everything around me, and sat there in a quick silence, staring at my plate, but more so, looking into space in my mind while I explored the showcase happening with my taste buds. After a silent few moments, I simply said...

"Holy shit. This is fuckin' good!!"

That's when I grabbed my camera to snap a quick photo, even though I'd already dug into it with that one heavenly bite.

The way the black bean salsa comes together with the freshness of the cilantro, and how they play off the flavour of the patty, and the spicing within the patty... It literally jolted me into that pause of flavour exploration. Then you add in the creaminess from the avocado that gives this smooth texture which compliments the crunch from the other greens...and then you have the perfectly excess'd amount of jalapeno Havarti cheese that was draped like a thick blanket...


It all comes back to the combination of the black bean corn salsa, cilantro, and patty though. It's so balanced, and so gawd damned good. Screw the burger competition that Nelson just had. This is all you need, and it's on their year 'round menu.

I've had a lotta burgers from a lotta restaurants in this area - regular menu or burger month competition - and quite honestly, there doesn't seem to be a point to the annual competition anymore because this Mayan Burger destroys them all. The only one that has come close was Loka's competition burger from 2020, but sadly, Loka has recently closed down.

If you want a burger in Nelson, this is the one to get! The whole time I was eating it, I just kept coming back to the same thought on loop...

"If I could, I'd eat 9 of these things back to back."

I was sad when it was over...

rel-ish Bistro

Open daily from 9am to 9pm

301 Baker Street

Nelson, BC

V1L 4H6


Find rel-ish online:




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