One Of My Concussions...

Copied from my Facecrack post on June 16, 2021...

I've had five for sure different concussions, but between sport, playing in the bush, or tusslin' with friends on the playground, I've definitely had more than that. The knocks to the head from spectacular wipe outs from hittin' jumps on skis and toboggans were just winter rituals. This was my third of the five. It was from 20 years ago - June 12, 2001.

I was standing on a chair, tacking up a sarong. It was only eye level, so not reaching or anything. My hip gave out from outta nowhere, and I started going down. My feet got tangled in the arms of the chair I was standing on, and I went over backwards. Like a cat, I turned myself in the air, and stuck my hands out to brace for impact. It was actually kind of impressive that I pulled that off that fast, but I just attribute that to being an athlete my whole life, so things like that come naturally and instinctively. The problem was that my head hit the corner of a dresser before my hands hit the ground to catch myself. I got knocked out for a few moments, but got 'er back together. My doctor sure was horrified when I told her about all my concussions when I saw her about the last one in February 2019.

Edit - I've had multiple of each kind too. Three outside trauma of knocks to the head like this one, and two of the ones where my head stops suddenly, but my brain keeps going and smushes up against the inside of my skull.

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