Perfect Symmetry Between Two Strangers And A Piano...

Updated: Oct 15, 2021

Another fortunate little accident I stumbled my way into was this week is this video of these two strangers coming together in unison to create harmony. It's like it cast a spell upon me, because I haven't been able to look away from it. I have had it playing on repeat for days. I even went to sleep with it on loop. It's what beautiful feels like in a moving image. It stopped so many people around them to take pause in the moment, and you can feel the emotion becoming manifest in the square by these two people playing this one piano.

It has taken hold and carried me away, that's for sure.

Sometimes I stare, sometimes I listen while I do other things, and sometimes I have it on a split screen while I write. When I sit motionless and lock on in a burning silent gaze, I'll pull back as I say,

"Jeezuz! It's perfect symmetry!"

I only wish I could create something that beautiful. The way the guy sees what this girl is creating, and then walks up, starts playing, and sits down as she makes room so naturally. It is so fluid that it's as if it were scripted that way. What happens next is nothing short of gorgeous.

Screenshots from the video...

They balance each other out so well, and with him bringing in the second piece, you can hear her lean into that little bit more.

It is the essence of beautified purity, and it gives me the swirls within. (Giggle.) I can't get enough of it. I really can't!

Most often, I write to music on a split screen with a photo or video...

Watching this video, regardless of how many times I have watched it in such a short period of time, takes me away into the notion of how often it's the smallest things in life that can ring out so much pleasure. I love when that happens. I also love when something so random can infuse an awed sensation that evokes emotional pause.

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