It's too easy to write about you every day. When I don't know what to say, I just type meaningless words while I think about you, and watch you in my mind. The thing that haunts me the most is the sound of your voice. I miss that so much. It was the sweetest thing. Pure beauty. Pure beautiful. I can still hear you in my head. All these years later for the rest of my life, I can still hear you.

It's not enough to hear you in my thoughts. I miss you so much and all I want to do is listen to you say anything about nothing.

Your voice was like a gentle harmony of symphonic melodies. So delicate, but not in a fragile sense. I come back to sweet over and over, but you were so much different than that...

A loss for words...

A loss for words...

A loss for words...

I just want to experience that tone, and everything it implies. It's like torture in my head of a beautiful kind in memorized notes of rhythm and rhyme.

Often times it was hard to concentrate on what you were saying because your voice would pick me up and drift me away to the dissipated world of blissed out horizons.

My mesmerization was real. It still is. It is amazing how clearly I can hear your voice. I can feel it trickle throughout me.

Please come back and talk to me one more time. Please let me show up at your door again to the headshaking surprise you expressed.


I miss you!

I'm sad!

I love you!

I miss you!

I miss you!

I miss you!



Slouching in my chair

Trickling tear

Slowly down my cheek

My sorrow feels

It feels so deep

The amount I miss you

I could never convey

Where did you go

My sweet Michelle

The sweetest farewell

I refuse to give

Say good bye

I'll refuse to abide

You were everything

To my life

To my time

I'm finding out

More in rewind

I can't accept

Consequence in this line

I touch your ghost

Haunting my sight

In my mind

In my heart

I can't let go

I nourish you close

I embrace your light

It brings me back

To your eyes

Spoken in your voice

I feel so selfish

I just want you back

With all of us

But I have to look

Only to my thoughts

It breaks me down

It hurts me so

I miss you

I won't say good bye

You're still here

In my heart

Rearranging my soul

The power of you

Even in passing

I want to be better

For you

Because of you

Everything for you

My new purpose

Because of you

All for you

You continue to give

In your absence

I don't feel worthy

Of the love that you gave

But I try

I still try

Even with you gone

I still try

I grasp at the air

To touch you

For to me

You're still here

I'm conflicted with truth

My reluctance permeates

Everything I do

Looking to you

I wait for the moment

When you come back

To speak of nothing

I can hear

Because your voice

It washes over all things

Even your words

They disappear

In the harmony of your voice

Singing in my head

Please come back


I miss you

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