Purpose-Filled Hope

(Originally posted on my old site - Dec 27, 2017)

"What each of us believes in is up to us, but life is impossible without believing in something. BELIEVE IN YOURSELF..... I️ believe in YOU!"  - Kaila Jean

- Photo by Jenna Kaufmann

I haven't done any kind of wild-crafting in quite some time.  It's a strange thing.  I love when I get my hands in that stuff, but it is something I rarely ever do.  That's only because someone has to inspire that kind of art out of me.  I need someone to give my art to before I can even begin whatever it is I'm gonna do.  I can't do it any other way.  

I never do wild-crafting unless someone brings it out of me.  They give me the idea by planting the seed in my mind.  I completely pour myself into it as the vision unfolds, and then I give it away to that person upon completion.  I never keep what I make.  It's always for someone else. 

That kind of inspiration has recently captured me again, and now I'm getting into a carving project for a friend who is having a bit of a tough time at the moment.  Even though I am just in the beginning stages I have rather been enjoying it.

I seem to always forget both how much I like that kind of creating as well as all the good things it gets flowing within me when I do it.  There's something I really like about the whole process of making a piece of art for someone and then giving it to them, thinking about them all the while from start to finish.

I'm starting to gain momentum with writing all kinds of random stuff too, which is also something I am quite enjoying.  Tonight I was bouncing back and forth between the two lost in a world of creating...


I was flowing along nicely until I clicked on my Facebook for a quick sec.  When I did, the first thing on my screen was this photo of Kaila.  I was instantly entranced as it completely stopped me in my tracks.

Everything I was doing came to a screeching halt as it froze my mind into a thoughtless state.  I just stood there staring at this.  I was humbled by the beauty of it and couldn't help but marvel in awe.  It's such a picturesque moment that left me thinking to myself...

"Where do I start, and how do I begin?!"

Being the owner of the Bambu Hot Yoga studio in Nelson, you could say this snowtime image is quite a contrast to that, but I see the symmetry in it all the way Kaila brings her warmth to the crisp snowy air.

The snow covered meadow creates a field of white, and the layers of tree ridged mountains stand bold with powdered wintertime frosting.  

They both hold this intrinsic beauty of their own, but when they come together a real sense of peace washes over.  It's hard to explain, but I can feel calming right into my cells as I sit and look at this.

All that emotion that is stirring is simply because of the backdrop of the image though, but that backdrop is only cradling the real truth and beauty of this photo...

"The image of Kaila doing a gorgeous yoga pose in the foreground."

Even though it is a snow covered wonderland in the mountains, where you know there is a good bite in the air, any sense of a chilly sensation dissipates into an all encompassing warmth.

This picture holds an illustration in everything that is right in this world.  Pure balance!  Her image is like statue and grace...an embracing moment between Yin and Yang.  Solid rooted strength that is  fluid and soft where conflicting ideas come together in an effortless symmetry. 

This woman of an innate power dissolves any realistic harshness of the elements.  Turning from foe to ally when met with her grace...creating unison!

There's nothing that isn't absolutely beautiful about this photo of Kaila.  Absolutely beautiful!  It goes beyond the image to say something more than what the eyes can simply see.  Sure, it's inspiring, but that's only the easy thing to say...maybe even just a simple cliche.  

I find that this captured moment of Kaila generates an emotion of optimism that stirs an urge to want to better one's self within; and the more you let it take you away, the more the optimism grows.  The more the optimism grows a sense of balanced peace fills inside in an almost overcoming way.

Thinking about the combination of optimism and balanced peace it is easy to realize that those are two of the core ingredients in the recipe of hope.  

When the notion of hope comes into the forefront of your mind, even if your thoughts meandered their way to getting there, you start to see something more.  It brings you back to that urge of betterment, and in turn shows you a way to purpose...

"Purpose-filled hope."  

Maybe that's the perfectly odd way to describe this photo.  It just elicits so many facets of everything that is good and even possible.  I love this photo.  I can't even believe it Kaila...It is absolutely stunning!

Kaila Jean

Bambu Hot Yoga

191 Baker Street

Nelson, BC, Canada

V1L 4H1

Phone: 250-505-9740


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