R.T.W.M.D. Episodes 1 & 2 - BC Provincial Election Candidates for Nelson-Creston riding

It was a real pleasure speaking with the Liberal Party candidate, Tanya Finley, and the Green Party candidate, Nicole Charlewood. I would like to thank each of them for coming onto my new podcast. They are both very kind, smart, and intelligent people. I definitely learned some things through our conversations, and quite enjoyed having the talks that we did.

[Before I go on, I want to say that in my time of voting over the years, regardless of provincial or federal elections, I have voted for all four major parties in Canada. (Liberal, Conservative, Green, NDP) I don't have, nor do I believe in, any party allegiance. I think that as soon as you pick a side, you gain bias, and lose objectivity, so I look at every election individually. I consider the candidates involved in each particular election, as far as who they are as people, and then I look at the surrounding elements facing the population in that time...and then I go from there. I say this because I don't have a lean toward any particular party, so I don't show favourtism.]

Episode #1 - Tanya Finley

R.T.W.M.D. Podcast Episode #1 - Tanya Finley (Liberal Party candidate for Nelson-Creston, BC) October 19, 2020

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Tanya Finley - Liberal Party candidate for Nelson-Creston


Episode #2 - Nicole Charlwood

R.T.W.M.D. Podcast Episode #2 - Nicole Charlwood (Green Party candidate for Nelson-Creston, BC) October 20, 2020

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Nicole Charlwood - Green Party candidate for Nelson-Creston


Brittny Anderson

I received an email from Brittny Anderson's handler on Sunday afternoon informing that she would not be coming on my podcast because she didn't have the time. I'd love to take her at her word for that, but unfortunately, we're talking about the NDP carrying the immediate history of our riding, one that has lied very blatantly to us in the most recent election outside of the current one. When you're actually talking about having available time, if Tanya (Liberals) and Nicole (Green's) had time, there is no doubt that Brittny had time. If anyone had it, it was the NDP. They were well prepared for this election...much in advance before they called it. The other parties have had to scramble to pull an election campaign together. So, I'm not buying it at all.

It's too bad. I would have liked to have spoken with Brittny, and heard her out, but just like Michelle Mungall, if it isn't scripted, they're not doing it...and there's nothing scripted about me! It sucks to be this cynical, but this party, in this time, brought it on themselves. Surprise, surprise, "Tow the party line," as they say!

This should say it all...

Shortly after I was done speaking with Nicole, I saw a business owner friend of mine who was outside closing up his shop for the day. We got to talking, and then we went into his store to get one of his cards so I could email him this when I have it posted. Naturally, we went on in conversation. (A fantastic guy!) He is 74 years old, and he said that he has voted for the NDP his entire life, for over 50 years, and this is the first time he can't do it, that he has to vote for someone else. When he said that, I said, "I think the NDP needs to go to their room, sit this one out, and think about the way they've blatantly lied to the people!"

He said, "Exactly!"

After over 50 years, that's a profound statement!

So, let's talk about "Toe the party line" for a moment...

I keep hearing this saying about Michelle Mungall when she did what she did after the last election surrounding the Site C Dam, which was the central point of her campaign. (Campaigning hard against it, and then once voted in, giving full support for it.)

I see two real issues with that. For her, personally, if she had any integrity, she would have stood up to her party, and spoken out saying that it is wrong to promise something so strongly, and then turn your back on that so completely. Michelle should have stood her ground in her word and honour of integrity, and even gone as far as telling the public exactly that, that she's standing her ground, and the party is giving her shit for it, but that she won't bend on her word to the people who believed in her. That's what someone with integrity would do, but she did the exact opposite, she betrayed her word, and then went into hiding, refusing to answer to the people she lied to.

The other issue I have is that implicit in the notion of, "toe the party line," is that Michelle was taking orders and doing what she was told. If that's the case, we all know who gives the orders...the leader at the top! (John Horgan) If it isn't the leader issuing the order, then why the hell is he the leader of the party if he's not making leadership decisions?! That wouldn't make any sense at all, so we know where that order came from.

So, Michelle was following orders in the implication of that notion, and the guy at the top giving orders lied directly to our faces and then pushed that down right through his party for his members to do the same thing and lie to the people who trusted, and voted for them.

You know what they say...

A man is only as good as his word!

...and the man who was at the head of it all then, is still the one who is at the head of the party now, and wants me to trust him, to take him at his word to apparently ethically and honestly lead us forward?!

I don't think so!

I'm not falling for that again. The joke would be on me if I did.

I moved to BC on November 2, 1995...almost exactly 25 years ago to the day. In that time the province has bounced from trainwreck to trainwreck. I mean, we're still standing because we're a resilient people, but at what cost and impending result?! People are sick, they are dying, they are taking their own lives, they are homeless, or close to it. On top of that, many people have gone bankrupt or have been forced to close their business doors...oh yeah, plus all the rest of the people without jobs. That's not even including what we have done to the physical landscape of our glorious province.

...and what's the result of all that?!

People are hurting, angry, cynical, disillusioned, and flat out, fed up!

That's no joke, it's the truth...and with that being the record of the Liberal & NDP governments over the past quarter century, you kind of have to be crazy to willingly head straight into that again wanting more of it, and then expect anything different to come of it. That's nuts!

It paints a pretty compelling case for trying something new!

I'm totally curious to see how it all plays out.


General Voting Day | 8:00am to 8:00pm | October 24, 2020

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