(Sept. 13) Out The Door In A Frantic Hurry & Tears In A Wendy's Parking Lot

I was supposed to leave on Thursday morning at the latest. At 2:00am on Sunday night/Mon morning, I was frantically throwing stuff into my van to just make my ferry before it closed at 2:20am. I got on the boat at 2:20. Fweh.

I had to go to the gas station on the highway by my ferry to organize.

I was so exhausted that I had to take a siesta on the Creston Pass. I was only 99km into my journey, but that was cool, 'cause anything Wayne Gretzky is always the right thing.

Got on the road at 7am. Only made it to just before the junction to the rest area right before the turn north to Yahk, BC, because I was on the verge of hallucinations. That was cool too though, because I was at km 166 = Mario Lemieux

So, I start off the trip with the two greatest hockey players in history.

"Good sign!"

I had to stop in Cranbrook to connect to internet to set up a new writing laptop. I went to a Wendy's to get a Frosty. It made me think of when I had a mailbox rented at Cambie and Broadway in Vancouver. I'd go grab my mail and walk across the street to get a Frosty to charff down while I went through all my letters friends wrote me. (Gone are the days...friends and letters. - Giggle. )

While I was in there, an old-school friend, who I am about to see in Ontario, who is also real close with Michelle, messaged me.

Brandie and I have the same birthdays...day/month/year. We are connected.

One of her close friends is dealing with some heavy health issues and desperately needed a place to stay, so I said she can stay at my place, that I'm on the road, and she's more than welcome.

That was nice to be able to help her out. Timing seemed to be perfect. I like that.

So, it was a frantic start, but it got me to Wayne Gretzky, Mario Lemieux, and to help a real close friend of mine's friend who is going through some shit.

I'm happy about that.

I came back out to leave. First thing's first, let Fennario out for a stretch. All packed up and ready to go.

Quick last thing I wanted...to pin a photo of Michelle and I up on my sun visor. I was looking at her face taking up the entire sky between the mountains on the new sun rising mountain pass this morning, but I want her readily available at all times, not just in my thoughts, and visions, so I grabbed a photo and started pinning it up.

...and so I'm sitting in a Wedny's parking lot crying my face off again.

Gawd damn you Michelle...

I fuckin' love you!

Gotta drive like a mad-bastard to make her celebration of life now, but I'm up for the task, because letting Michelle down is the one thing I can't ever do...

I made some good ground, so when it was nearing sunset, and I was in Eastern Alberta, I stopped at a park to spend some time outside with Fennario. It was nice. I tried out my new fancy pocket computer phone thing. I got it for the camera because I can't bring my big camera into shows, nor do I want to, and it is also for tow trucks if the need arises. It has a 100x zoom, so I took a shot of the moon, and one of the sunset through the trees. They turned out OK. My hand isn't as steady as you need to be for better images at that kind of zoom though.

After a little stroll around, I got us a little more sorted, and then told Fennario to load up back in her nest...and got back out on the road.

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