Sitting In Florida, Thinking About The "Cajun Steak Frites" From Pitchfork Eatery In Nelson, BC

Quick little Facecrak post...

Have this Steak & Frites on my mind again from Pitchfork Eatery. Had this after I did those two night swims in August last summer. I had been living off of water, juice and smoothies, and doing a lot of fasting to cut down weight to better prepare for the swims, but at the end of it, I wanted steak, and I was goin' to Pitchfork. I had it quite built up in my head for a couple months, and given that Michelle had passed only the day before, and I was still beat up from the swims only two days before, I was quite beat up physically and emotionally, and I started leaning hard into this meal in my mind. It was kind of a bummer that I couldn't get one single person to join me, even considering the intense circumstances, but I guess I'm used to that. Luckily, however, Josh Mateschitz really delivered the goods. More precisely, fuckin' nailed it!!

It was so beautifully cooked, and tasty like you don't even know. I'm salivating looking at the photos and thinking about it all right now. I savoured every little aspect of it, from the aromatic smells to the taste and texture of each bite. I was also immersed in their beautiful patio. It's the best downtown patio by far as it is not right pressed up against any roads where it is loud, and you're sucking down exhaust fumes. They always do that nicely, and it is backed onto green space. I miss Pitchfork.

...and of course, no trip to Pitchfork is complete without their homemade ginger ale. That shit is next level!

Can someone mail some of this too me? I'd really appreciate it.

Pitchfork Eatery

518 Hall St

Nelson, BC

Phone: 1 (250) 352 2744 Email: Open Daily: Lunch & Brunch - 11AM until 2PM Afternoon Menu - 2PM until 5PM Dinner - 5PM until 9PM

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