Stacey Arseneau - That Rare Beacon of Light

Here's the thing about Stacey...

She has something that I've yet to encounter in all these stupid years of my body sucking. I've noticed this from each time I have been with her. Stacey has this ability to push me and my body in a way that I don't realize, and never see coming, until I'm reflecting back in hindsight. (Especially the next day when I feel the changes in my body.) There's a gentle subtleness in the way she gets me through poses as well as figuring out the positions that my body can navigate.

I've lived a sporting and athletic nature driven life for over 40 years. Even as gibbled as I am, it dominates who I am. In that time, I have trained and worked with some high level people in their respective different disciplines. That has kind of instilled an instinctive understanding of the psychology of body mechanics. (If that's even a thing.) Body movement just makes sense to me, and so I'm able to see the progressions in my head that my body won't allow me to do. That helps me to understand what it is that Stacey is talking me through, and adjusting my body to, as I try to put her words into active motion during our yoga sessions. We'll talk through the limitations of movement once I start running into them, and as we do that, she will make little adjustments to my body positioning.

**Let's face it...we don't need to see photos of me doing yoga.

I'm actually fascinated watching Stacey teach while we're in the midst of figuring out poses...and my sad attempt at putting her words and motions into action. I'm consciously paying attention to what she is saying while communicating back to her, but at the same time, I am also paying attention to the way of how she goes about our session(s).

I know I have said this before, but that is because of its relevance to a particular conversation...

I have seen/worked with hundreds of healers/doctors/therapists/blah-blah of all different kinds for almost 30 years. It has been a lot...for too many reasons to get into. In all of that time, with all of those health care people, Stacey is the unique first of her kind.

When saying something of the like, I do have to give mention to Damien (Moroney). He pushed me hard, but it was in a different way...there was no hiding the way he did it. I saw every bit of it comin', and Damien quite enjoyed puttin' me through it. He was like my arch nemesis. I loved that guy so much, but fate took him away from me because he's the best physiotherapist in Canada, so eventually he had to leave Nelson to further his career with the Canadian Olympic Team and many professional athletes and teams. I miss Damien. I always have to put him right at the top of the people I've seen. It'll be tough to topple him off the podium, he's just so bad-ass, and his greatness was always inevitable watching it play out, but Stacey has immediately asserted herself at the top.

It's tough to put into words. I mean, how do you channel 28 years of trudging through a viscous storm, to randomly stumble into this beacon of light, that immediately grabs on, warms you up, and guides you through?! I find myself at a loss for words, even though the notion is sitting strong in the forefront of my mind.

Like I said though, I've had the good fortunes of working with some really amazing people, and that's why I feel it is relevant to re-emphasize that in relation to Stacey, and her being the one of a kind in it all because of the way that she can really push my body in that subtle way I never see coming.

Just fantastic!

I quite enjoy watching her teach, and it makes me happy that I have the ability to metaphorically split my attention so I can simultaneously take the time to appreciate her teaching, while also paying attention to, and engaging in, what we're doing.

We also have fun. Yes, it is inevitable that inject each session with consistent jackass-ery, it's impossible for me not to, but she just rolls with it. The mood is definitely light, and we're laughin' quite a bit. (If you're into jackass-ery, you're my kinda person, and I dig it!) Don't let that fool you though, because we're there for a reason, and she's absolutely crushing it in that regard.

Stacey is absolutely a one of a kind person to work with. She is remarkably talented (mind-blowingly so), she is very, very intelligent, and she's all in for a good laugh as required. I have trudged through a loooong line of shit for a long time, and trust me when I say that it is a rare thing to find those true beacons of light in a healing path like the one I have been on.

I'm very grateful for Stacey. She is the type of person who makes me see the good things in my life, even the things that I can most often stumble into quite aloofly. Regardless of how much I have been through, I'm still aware of all the good fortunes I have been blessed with as well. Enter into the picture, Stacey, this fantastic person who immediately shows herself to be the rarest one of a kind that I've found on a 28 year journey of pain so far...without even trying, just by being her awesome self.

More Stacey's in the world please!!

If you're in Nelson, BC, and looking for the yoga goods, you gotta get in touch with Stacey...she is freakin' dynamite!!

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