Sunday Morning Cinnamon Buns at Finley's - Nelson's Best Kept Secret??

Cinnamon is one of my favourite flavours. I just love it! That subtle fiery sweetness is absolutely fantastic. If I see the word cinnamon, my intrigue is immediately grabbed by salivating enticement, and I will always look at any menu item that holds the distinction of that ingredient.

With the sweet wallop they smack upside your taste buds with, it shouldn't then be a stretch to imagine that cinnamon buns got my number. They are one of my favourite treats by far.

Sometime within the past year, I believe, Finley's Bar & Grill started serving Cinnamon Buns on Sunday mornings. When I saw that, psychologically, I was all over it, but between my work schedule, and living 30 minutes outside of town, I am rarely ever anywhere near Nelson on a Sunday morning. That isn't to say that I haven't tried though.

I've been shut out from these things a few times, and it was kinda tough to take. Talk about a pin in the balloon of my anticipation! I was so psyched the first time got myself into Finley's to finally have one, but then immediately horrified because they were sold out for the day...which really meant, sold out for the week. It was around 11:30am.

"Shit-Damn-Fuck," was the instant message in my, 'already wallowing in my selfish sorrows,' mind in the split second of registering the terrible news that was just delivered.

Just as quickly was my next thought...

"OK...lesson learned, go early next time!"

So, I did. The next time I was in town early on a Sunday morning, I timed my day so I could hit Finley's right when they opened, and go straight home to dive in. I was there five minutes before they opened their door. I was so psyched, I couldn't even believe it.


Their Cinnamon Buns weren't ready yet! My body was particularly beat up, tired and sore that day, so I wasn't into waiting.

"Daaaaaamn...denied again!!"

Two weeks ago, I was goin' in for sure, but I couldn't get to sleep until close to 7:00am on Sunday morning. (Results from a recent CT Scan led me to having to make changes to how I have to sleep and it's been killing me.)

"Denied again! Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!"

Last week was the day of days though. It only took me a whackload of months, but gawd damn, and holy sweet jeezuz, was it ever worth the wait! All the psychouts just drove more and more fuel into my anticipation, and now that I knew I was having them for sure, my only thought was that they better live up to the self-built hype in my head...or I'm gonna have some more imaginary words with myself. 🙂

Speckly madness just waitin' to get annihilated!

I ordered four of them. One was for me, and the other three I was giving to a friend whose little puppy had just gotten severely injured. I figured the family could use some Sunday morning cinnamony goodness.

I raced home. I wanted to dive in so bad! When I opened it up, I couldn't believe how massive that damned bun was. At closer inspection...

"Lookkit that speckly madness!"

It's a fatty!!

The ensuing conversation in my head...

"Oh, you lil' bastid...I'm gonna eat the speckled shit outta you! Daaaamnnn!"

Enter the literal giggles of giddiness.

I quickly dressed 'er up with the side of icing, and wasted no time gettin' at it. My first bite was the one where I was kinda mechanically processing it in my head...flavours, texture, density of pastry, etc. After that, it was game-freakin'-on!

Relentless-shameless face-shovin' time! Definitely another one of those caveman moments!

The thing was crazy. Oh, goodness! All week long, I hadn't stopped thinking about them since having that first one. I was goin' back again the following week. There was no damned way that I wasn't getting more. Not only that, I was getting several for myself with the plan being to scarf them all down, and then get back to triathlon training. I couldn't get back to the serious discipline until I over-fixed the jonz one proper time.

La la laaaa la la laaaaa la laaaa... (Insert singing tones in head. 🙂)

On Saturday night, my friend sent me this as part of a message...

"Oh btw, where did you get those cinnamon buns!?? They were deeeelish!"

I told her that her timing was perfect as they are only on Sunday mornings at Finley's. At the end of our quick lil' bit of messaging, I said...

"Hey, maaan...never underestimate the power of spreading around kind cinnamon bun magik. They're like edible sunshine. 🙂"

I was completely delusional thinking that I could get through four in one day. That's insanity. I barely made it through two...and there were a lotta hours between sittings on that.

These cinnamon buns at Finley's are definitely a secret weapon that our town doesn't know enough about. What a damned shame...but alas, I'm gonna single handedly change that, I swear!

If anyone reads this, you gotta go try one of Finley's Sunday morning cinnamon buns at least once. They are ginormously amazing!! If you don't heed my advice on this one, in the words of Mr. T...

"I pity the fool!" I can't wait to have one served proper on the plate...still warm with the ooey-gooey icing...


PS - I just found out they have been doing their cinnamon buns for about two years, so, once again, I am utterly disappointed in myself and my obvious stupidity... "How could I have wasted so much time?! Damned foolish is all that is!"

Finley's Bar & Grill

Hours: 9:00am - 10:00pm

705 Vernon Street

Nelson, BC






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