Teaseland, British Columbia!

Trevor...you bastid!

I just got home from work. It's 12:40 in the starry dark morning. I plug in a USB stick and there's a photo on it that I didn't know what it was. I open it up, and it's this!


Now I'm totally screwed 'cause all I wanna do is shove my face into that, all the way, forget the cutlery...SHOVE IT RIGHT IN total savage like! Maaaan, that's a tease. I remember that thing, and it's all I want right now more than anything ever, but nooooo...welcome to Teaseland, British Columbia, courtesy of Trevor Ditzel!

This Omelette Burrito is awesome!

(Except for when it's midnight, at which time you're totally outta sweet luck!)

rel-ish Bistro

301 Baker Street

Nelson, BC

V1L 4H6

(250) 352-5232


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