The Jay Zee Band at The Glade Fishing Derby

Seeing The Jay Zee Band in Salmo the previous night was so great. The band whupped ass, and the crowd had fun. That got me psyched to see them again the next night, with the extra bonus being that they were playing about 400 yards down the road from my home. The show was in the park in Glade. It was for the Glade annual fishing derby. With last year being last year, this was the welcome back event. It's the where I shoot ball with Fennario every day that I can, and it was pretty kind to be able to see a show there.

It was smoky, but not nearly like it had been, so that was a good change. Everyone was so happy. There was that familiar feeling of being human again that drifted through the air.

My photography teacher (Jackie) is cooler than yours...

Even though it was at super max happy in Salmo the night before, this night was even better. The Jay Zee Band played a good solid first set, and then in the break, all the fishing derby prizes and raffles were given out. Man, there was a lotta stuff. A good haul for sure!

After all the derby festivities were finished up, it was time for the band to get back at it. They played for a long time. The crowd was eating it up. The front of the stage was full of people dancing, and there were a lotta smiles and laughter again like there was at the Shred Kelly and The Heavy Lighters show a couple weeks earlier.

The Jay Zee's infused life into everyone, which was then riveted back outwardly by the crowd. That overwhelming sense of the beautiful side of humanity showed itself once again. It even showed that feeling of a oneness...where individuals in the crowd were coming together as a collective because of the music from individuals who came together as a collective on stage. Then the give and take relationship between crowd and band started to blend together as a single organism working together in unison. There's just something about live music that melts away barriers and differences, brings people together, and infuses this blanket of happiness over everyone. The Jay Zee Band and Glade came together in perfect unison to create beautiful harmony.

No doubt, the best surprise of this night was when Jackie sang Billy Joel's, 'You May Be Right.'

The Jay Zee Band was great. There's nothing I didn't love about seeing these two shows of theirs. I also loved seeing how much happy they brought to Glade as well. It was such a good time.

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