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Updated: May 2, 2021

**Originally posted on my old site on Christmas day 2017. Some post-edits have been added, especially all of the ways to find her online.

When I was doing a bunch of fundraising last year I got something like 1000 new friends on Facebook in about three months. Although I didn't know the vast, vast majority of those people I ended up developing some great friendships because of it all.

One of those people who has become a really good friend is a girl named Skye. We collided seemingly from outta nowhere and got along really well right away. In our many conversations about stuff and nothing, one of her best friend's names came up casually consistently. That person's name is Aszjeca.

It turned out that Aszjeca was also one of those thousand new people on my friends list.

Aszjeca and Skye as mermaids.

I wouldn't know how to spell out the proper way to say her name, but because of Skye, I am one of the few randoms who knows how to pronounce her name properly. Hers is the most unique name I have ever seen...and I totally dig it. One thing I love a lot is individual flair, and this girl has that in spades!

Another thing I really love a lot is seeing people really pursue their passion. That could possibly be my favourite thing outside of my own little world. When you see people truly engaged in what makes them thrive they produce this very radiant shine which is something that is quite infectious. That very notion is instantly easy to see with Aszjeca.

As far as my world's concerned, she just appeared from nothing too. Once she did it didn't take too long to start seeing all these photos of Aszjeca's popping up on my Facebook feed thing...whatever you call it. (I never care to learn too much about Facebook, and I often get made fun of for it, but I'm OK with that.)

It's easy to tell she has a deep rooted passion for make-up. (That feels like a really lame way to say that though.) I've never been a make-up person, I don't like the term because it implies that you need to make yourself up to be beautiful, and I find true beauty from within. It's the only thing that matters to me. My opinion is just mine though.

I kinda feel that my thoughts on make-up enhance what I am trying to say about Aszjeca even more though, because it's not something I am into, but she brought me to a place of captivation to sit and write about it. I never ever thought that would happen.

She grabbed the artist inside me by the throat, gave me a good shake, and said, "Lookkit this you dumb bastid...this is some amazing shit!" That silent voice spoke to me pretty loudly too, and stuck with me.

This teal is what started me thinking about writing this article.

I feel the true definition of a great artist is the ability to inspire and change minds, and expand thought to break barriers of the perceived norm. That's exactly what she has done. Aszjeca's talent is incredible.

Her photos turned into live videos of the process. I've seen maybe one or two minutes of maybe 5 or 6 of them, but I see that she has done them a lot...almost every day it seems like now. When you watch the videos, this very authentic flair of her personality just jumps out of your screen and takes hold.

Aszjeca is very engaging. She has such a light, kind, and personable essence about her that is laced with warmth and a hilarity too. The strongest thing about it all is her genuine nature. There is nothing disingenuous about it.

(You need to keep in mind when reading this that I am not a make-up guy, but she has me engrossed. That is indicative of both her talent and her personality.)

Aszjeca and Mike having fun.

When it comes to her live videos, even though I have seen only a couple minutes of maybe 6 of them, two have been with her partner Mike. Those are by far the best ones. It definitely shows the kind of guy he is when he lets her draw all over his face in front of the world. I've never met either of them, but the support he has for her is incredible. The two of them are absolutely hilarious when he jumps in on one of her videos.

The theme I am staying with is Aszjeca's talent though. That's what the artist in me sees. I can't not see it. I've come to enjoy seeing her photos the way I enjoy seeing the posted photos of other amazing artists I know. Although hers is a different medium, the talent of her artistic skill, flair, and knowledge cannot be denied. She is fantastic!

Aszjeca's workspace where she does her live videos.

I don't know why I had this thought seep into my mind, and part of me thinks it isn't a fair thought to have, but it is there none-the-less...

"I don't think Aszjeca realizes how talented she really is."

With that thought stuck in my head, one morning, after seeing some of her final photos, or maybe a piece of one of her videos, I wanted to satisfy my own curiosity so I Googled the top 10 "How to put on Make-Up tutorial Video Blogs on YouTube." I skimmed through a few of the videos and couldn't believe what I was seeing!

(I also couldn't believe that I was watching how to put on make-up videos. That thought was not lost on me in the least bit, but it just showed me the strength of Aszjeca's talent!)

The one I skimmed through the most was a 15 or 20 minute thing that had something like 160,000+ views. I could only stomach a total of about a minute...even with skimming through it. (I watched a few seconds at the start, then skimmed through the process until I could take no more, and then looked at the final product.)

I guess the girl was giving a lesson in the video, but it was absolutely awful. Her make-up was ultra over-kill to the point where she looked like a freakin' clown, except with normal make-up-y stuff rather than bright clown make-up. I had to turn it off. I'd seen enough.

On top of how overkill and brutal the make-up was, there was absolutely no authenticity coming through the person that was doing it. It was so fake and phony. I couldn't believe that so many people were watching this garbage and it was in the top 10 on YouTube. It was beyond ridiculous!

Mermaid and Unicorn fun.

I was legit confused by it. I started thinking that maybe it's just that Aszjeca is on a completely different level, and that's the only standard I know, because I've never seen any others besides hers. I guess she is the hidden gem the world doesn't know about! She's like the rookie that jumps in the game and changes the nature of the way the entire sport is played forever. An indelible impact!

Immediately after I scarred my brain with that video, I messaged Aszjeca to tell her so.

As I said, the video of that Top 10 girlie seemed so phony with no personality, but Aszjeca, on the other hand, takes you on an interactive journey that is full of personality and warmth while she creates her newest masterpiece and talking you through the whole process.

I started looking at it all in a simplistic way:

On one hand, you have phony clown paint, and on the other you have true art full of personality. Draining vs Uplifting. I definitely mean the uplifting part. If you wanna laugh, just watch one of Aszjeca putting make-up on her partner, Mike, as I eluded to earlier.

(Edit: Mike and Aszjeca are now engaged.)

Christmas fun 2017

The things she does captures a full range and spectrum of facial art. Sometimes it's just about going out for dinner. Sometimes it's simply for fun. Sometimes she does unicorn and mermaid looks. She does Halloween and Christmas themes. Sometimes she will even do two looks at on each side of her face. You just never know. Sometimes she takes suggestions. It's really quite fascinating to see play out. Aszjeca is really freakin' amazing!

Halloween fun 2017

Aszjeca sells the Younique line of products she uses too. So, not only does she show what can be done with them, Aszjeca can set you up with whatever you need to achieve the results she has as well.

Aszjeca also works out of the Aura Spa & Salon at The Hume Hotel in Nelson, BC, Canada.

Her luminous shine.

If you wear make-up, or respect a high level of art, you really should check out what Aszjeca does. She has an astonishing gift that like any true artist, she makes a masterpiece look perfectly effortless as it comes to fruition.

Aszjeca's talent has changed my mind by opening me to a whole new artistic realm, and has brought me to a place where I look forward to seeing what she does next. I really hope she gets a Youtube channel because her gift needs to be shared! Her passion really shines and exudes a deep rooted sparkle that our world desperately needs more of.

(Edit... There is a YouTube channel now. Lookkit that!)

She leaves you with something good inside and that is a beautiful gift to have!

*Oh yeah...and she loves her doggie and rides dirt bikes too. Aszjeca is just that bad-ass!

In her own words...

“If you want to improve your life and live with all that you deserve, you must run your own race. It doesn’t matter what other people say about you. What is important is what you say to yourself, being comfortable in your own skin. Be true to you. That’s a key source of happiness.”

A lot has changed since I first wrote this a few years ago...

Aszjeca's videos used to be such a common thing, but it would seem that she doesn't do too many of those anymore. They were such astonishing artistic make-up pieces that I'm kinda selfishly bummed that I haven't been able to see one in quite some time. I think she popped up a few in the 2019 Halloween season, but that's the last I can remember seeing. The artsy person in me misses seeing what she can do as her talent is off the charts.

I'm pretty sure i know why that is though...because Aszjeca has been wrapped up with her true masterpiece in little Reverie! Maaan, it is astonishing how much of a little cutie she is...whose cutie pie-ness seems to grow at an extraordinary rate. It's funny seeing the comments from the way Reverie melts people whenever Aszjeca puts up a new photo, or video, of that beautiful little baby of theirs.

Happy family. Aszjeca, Mike, Reverie

(*If you want to die of cute overload, find one of their videos of Reverie watching her mama and daddy on their dirt bikes at the track. Holy smokes!)

Since I wrote this a few years ago, I've gotten to know them very minorly, and Aszjeca and Mike are super nice people. When COVID restrictions have loosened up, I will be doing a podcast with them. That will be fun.

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Younique Make-Up Product Line

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