To Find You

"To Find You"

However I need to

Bare on my feet

Or swim the ocean blue

Riding toward

The endless horizon

It doesn't matter

I come to find you

Follow my heart

Beating in my soul

Speak to my mind

I come to

I come to find you

I look inside

I look to the sky

I look where I need to

I come to find you

Traversing time

Inside my heart

Images of you

I find my strength

To come and find you

Talk within

Talk out loud

Talk where I need to

Just to find you

Let you go

I'll never do so

I only look

I look to find you

I see you

In my dreams

In all the sweet things

The sweetest things

That defined you

In everything

That I do

I come to find you

My broken soul

Make me whole

The love you showed

It made me grow

I will always go

To come and find you

Whatever I have to

Endure and go through

On my knees

Soaring waves in the air

I will look to find you

You fill my heart

You taught me love

The love I will use

I will use to find you

You're not alone

In the timeless skyway

That star painted highway

Way up high above me

Because I will come

I will come to find you

You've been everything

To the timescape

Of my life-way

And I told you this

I always would be there

Be there for you

That's why I come

I come to find you

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