Triathlon Time - No Seat, No Choice...

Riding my bike is a strange thing right now. I just got my bike re-tuned, and went out for my second ride so far. Regardless of not having a seat, it rode like crap, skipping the worst I have ever been on a bike. So, now that's set. I got to dig in on the road this evening, and maaaaan, did it ever feel good...sorta!

The riding, the speed, the silence of the wheels over pavement, the clanking of the gear changes...

A beautiful thing!

The very harsh downside is what riding with no seat does to my body. (With the combination of not having the pedal spacers I asked for. Those are crucial.) My feet are trashed before I get one km down the road. My right foot then just plummets from there. The place where I injured my foot when I whipped off that marathon in Vancouver, it goes to next level pain. Right where that injury was, is where my foot is on the edge where my foot hangs over the pedal. The injury and corner of the pedal are lined up perfectly, and it hurts a lot. If I had the spacers, my foot would be perfectly placed on my pedal, so that wouldn't be happening the same. If I had a seat, the force of feet on pedal isn't near the same. It's all the perfect combination to severely fuck up my foot. That quickly makes it hard to dig in. It hurts so much, but I have to ride. I have no choice. I can't wait anymore.

The other real shitty thing that I noticed is my arms from elbows to hands going numb around maybe 1.5 km. Also, standing up to ride, it puts more pressure on my hands, wrists, shoulders...which all travel through my neck, and come to rest in my skull. The head pain is strangely something I don't mind as far as, it's just something I'm used to. It's the pain that precedes the numbness in my forearms that really drives me insane.

All this stuff induces so much more challenges that I have to deal with, and battle through, just as my starting point before I factor in the cardio/muscular implications of riding. That kind of pain is the easy nonsense part.

(I'm not fixing this photo right now. I'm goin' for another ride in the trails with Fennario first.)

The good thing about no seat is that it is so much easier to get on and off my bike. The secondary thing is that it forces a perpetual state of whuppin' gawd damned ass. Think of standing up riding on your puts you into power zone. Power zone is the constant state I have forced upon me if I am to ride. It's just the way it is. I don't mind that at all. Actually, I kinda love it. Sure, it bursts my lungs, and kicks the shit outta my cardio, but that shit's addictive, and it's exactly what I need.

...but all the pain, numbness, crazy shit is completely irrelevant in the end, because I have to ride, and that's all there is to it. I can't let this other whiny shit get in the way of that.

May 2008 | Photo by Phil Best |

The fact of the matter is that I have no choice, I have to ride as much as I can. Now! I've ridden on a cast, I'll ride with no seat too. I can't let this kinda stuff get in my way.

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