"Unnoticed, No"

"Unnoticed, No"

Transcending time

With her beauty

Yes, she does

But something else rings

And it subtly sings

Intrinsically so

Instinctively true

The warmth she has

The warmth she exudes

Through the fire

And impending sass

Transcending beauty too

Her warmth of caring

Compassionately sewn

So ultimately known

Perhaps she's unaware

But unnoticed, no

Utterly obvious

While appreciation grows

In those simple things

She says without haste

Wrapped in foundations

From her soul within

In her simple express

Her warmth

From love

Of her nature shown

Penetrating one's conscience

The way she is

Unnoticed, no

But, forever seen

Definitely so

Standing in the cold

Hands shaking bold

Images of her

Can fill one whole

Dispelling penetrated chill

From the very warmth

Of her unbounded soul

Comprised from care

Without try

The caress of her sky

The nature of her why

Effortlessly construed

Beautifully viewed

Shimmering warmth

Endlessly imbued

Expressed with repetition

And connotating tone

She can't escape

Her own presence

Of spellbinding warmth

But the real story found

Her conveyance inside

Oblivious in a sense

The source of her reside

Her fairytale imply

She goes about her way

A blanket of warmth

Strewn upon the landscape

In the glow of her wake

A fluid escape

To a lucid surround

Endlessly unbound

As she goes upon her way

And you look into the sky

While her warmth has its say

Unbeknownst to her

But unnoticed, no

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