Waves Crashing On The Shoreline - Wind Swirling In The Air

It's really nice hearing the waves constantly play in their crashing ebb and flow with the shoreline...redecorating it with every passing moment without end. The way it encapsulates time void of anything to do with humanity, or the creatures on the earth is really quite something. If you listen beyond the waves rolling upon shore, you can hear the echoes of time in a non distinct realm that transcends beyond the linear. I've always loved that about the oceans. They can carry one away in drifting wonder.

Coupled within that dance of time, is the symphony of air. It seems rare to have a still day void of any touch upon the skin by the swirling airways, whether slight or ferocious. The breezing air is similar in its tone of timelessness, but it can drift away, leaving stillness, whereas the ocean, even when calm, is constantly in a dancing embrace with the shoreline.

The way the two entities combine is a depth of fascination that is very humbling, yet ultimately inspiring.

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